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  1. volt steel http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/voltpanel-2.jpg'>
  2. KRUSHING RANK PEICES Wasn't refering to that but some people call it style variation. (even though it has been biten many a times) Plus i prefer to spend cash on my own flics and can't post untill ive hooked up a scanner.
  3. m.o.a Boss flics kegr,vims,swet,bates&sabe wholecar sick mad props.
  4. Monsters.Of.Art Is the shit I went to copenhagen in 2000 bombed red steelo got 150 undeveloped flics siting in my draw heaps from the streets an a few panels dont know if the film can be developed but got fliks of kegr,clean,rens and many others. PS Who knows if the film can be developed.
  5. hmmm Is that tag DFa - Dont.Fuck.Around or Drug.Fuckt.Artist.
  6. Mad Oldschool Ecto mad 97
  7. Is that an elser if it is nice work plus lewis for dexter boss
  8. (Gonna Rock Some Clean Steel Panels) yeah if i get more than 2 mins come to wa boys check tha styles and the fukn clean trainz. peace voltar krazy ruthless psychoes 2003. Be back with sum panl flix of me kwo sez they be goin on the lokwotermotive moble
  9. Nice canadian freights swigs was just there and rokt 8 panels now in nyc
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