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  1. I really like your stuff, you've really varied between a lot of styles and quirks.
  2. ClockWork

    The Bible

    Are you kidding? Sure those fills and colours are kinda cool, but those letters and that hand style? It's no where near up to the standard that Bible peaces should have. This shit is meant to be the pinacle, and this doesn't come close, sorry. Gusto on the other hand...well, that's dope.
  3. "oh yeah? well i run with TWELVE gangs, and we only commit HATE crimes"
  4. woah woah woah. Hold up there, try and work on some symmetry and get some solid cuts going. Also try and do away with that underspray, unless it adds to it all it just makes it ugly as hell.
  5. what's with this racism bullshit, throwing around white-boy like is some sorta insult.
  6. ^^ take note kids, What this guy lacks in steez he makes up for in common sense. Work hard buddy.
  7. he probably stopped caring when the herd stop giving him verbal hummers...
  8. suddenly it's no chatter as soon as you get shot down?
  9. Er... He didn't mention cope 2 or biting at all. You did. Guilty concience(sp?) perhaps?
  10. where was this flick taken?
  11. "i may not be the darkest brother, but i was always told to act my age not my colour" - Common.
  12. Re: Re: STRICTLY KINGS AND BETTER haha, i love it.
  13. Damn. Sypher's steez was the only one that was goodish, the rest were uh...sorta shit.
  14. virs'll probably get shot for putting up US postal stickers.
  15. what sort of paper are you using, virs?
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