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  1. man, i dont know what that means.
  2. This is Fuckin COOL shit. http://www.drugrehabamerica.net/images/oxy-all-mg.jpg'>
  3. Or what do you plan to do atleast? I plan to: -Slang gear -Get more gear -Get more of things I need and want to slang -Slang em -Eat a good lunch and drink some arnold palmers. -Get more stuff -Get the A.R.E. Weapons Cd. -Lay down some ink -Holler at some college girls -Paint -Get new shoes -Eat sushi -See Dumb and Dumberer. -Eat Drugs -Draw Cartoons -Read my books -Watch Seinfeld DvD -Go online and check email -Go to sleep. That is if i get up outta my sleep gear and shower and go out.
  4. Fuck you all motherfuckin bitchass fucks. Like I'd wanna talk to any of you. Youd be all...HOW DO YOU STEAL PRADA SUITS and how do you snort morphine. Pffff I dont need that kinda hastle.... my aim name is strictly for girls on friendster wantin to get their taco stuffed. Bitchass fuckass bitches.
  5. dunks dunks dunks i now have 8 pairs of dunks i have the blue and white ones you pictured red and white cleveland browns colors greens all whites greys blacks brown and im getting the camo and pink ones.
  6. http://www.shoesmoa.co.kr/goods/images/20020913123056s.jpg'>
  7. hahaha "hella phat." you guys are some fags.
  8. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I'm applying tomorrow at a healthfood store just to get my hands on more of this stuff. Actually, I'm not, but I'm going to go get more for sure.:)
  9. Can you unban someone? Like give the people two choices like Jesus or Barabas and let someone come back to the boards. I propose UNban POPGUNWAR.
  10. I guarantee the crap channel zero is due to a lack of POPGUNWAR.
  11. Lately I've been listening to alot of tribal African music thats really creepy and NILE a whole lot....nothing better than deathmetal that is obsessed with ancient egyptian culture...unless its African Zulu headhunting tribal Congo chanting. YEAH.... throw in a little Dying Fetus, some Orff and you got the Partymix.
  12. Partyboy

    beef jerky

    i racked some $16 beef jerky the other day from this healthfood spot. it was the best beef jerky i ever had...i love when you gotta chew the beef jerky for like 10 minutes to tenderize it enough to swallow it. slim jims are for skinny ghetto niggers. that shit is sick. stick to the thick lumberjack deliverance type meat. and i also agree...racking in track pants is pleasing. i usually get erections when stealing in track pants for some reason. prolly the friction with the stolen bottle of nyquil and batteries.
  13. Fuckin idiot potheads. This thread is about the best 80's movie of all time.
  14. Friendster and shit always down. Fuck that shit. Only five pictures? What the fuck is up...back in the day I had like 30 pictures. Enemyster needs to get up and running with like megabot computers and shit so it wont run slow.
  15. "What are you lookin' at FAG?" hahaha you guys who know whats what are down! and the dude who said he couldnt believe i wanted to buy something....fuck man...tell me a store that sells three oclock high, and ill get you a copy too.
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