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  1. stick each other with aids infested needles and who ever dies first wins.!
  2. i gues someone was mad tacoe went over their already dissed peice??? good thing to be mad about.
  3. montreal is drunk. and hesh is a maniac.
  4. the faggot bouncers at that bar are faggots.
  5. THIS WEEKEND, see you there, faggots. who else is going?
  6. yea and after that we can all go watch rugrats, and dress up as super heros.
  7. haha when i saw this name i thought it was some dude that registered to talk shit in the jersey thread.
  8. SARSdealer


    he steals kids bicycles...and gives them to friends who need them badly.....a modern day graffiti robinhood.
  9. i have black and white skate board magazines from POWEL? skateboards...dates back to 87 and 89 in perfect condition..i found them at work.
  10. i know that some of you travel on the regular...i have never really done any big traveling before so i wouldnt have the slightest idea about going to this city.. i know its much more than buying a plane ticket and going... what would be the best way to get a plane ticket, and booking a nice hotel..in a good location...anyone from paris that would be able to help with this it would be much appriciated. anyhelp would be great, but im sure most people will just be assholes...thanks
  11. "now son-in-question is son-of-a-bitch" haha
  12. my dick hurts from looking at black peoples faces. black orange juice, white grapefruit...i like to fuck indian chicks..purple ballsacks
  13. im gonna be there hesh...i was there last year...im gonna take a shit in your coffee..then we can share a 40.
  14. and by nasty he means beautiful ..and by pussy he means something id like to stick my dick into
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