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  1. you talkin about this guy... sorry if ya seen this one before, its just we perfere not to post everything we do.
  2. nice pro duz that say blitz in the credits
  3. that dyle is mint. shot all real fresh.
  4. all jokes aside toner you know we did this section of the wall first. but its all good g, i suspect blitz rolled the whole wall out before you were even there. in actual fact notch and I did the other side first aswell late 03 waybefore you, scream and co did your pro. but it got buffed, 2 days later so you guys wouldnt have seen it. piece.
  5. funny ahe! what comes around.........
  6. the weather tested the crews on many levels.
  7. Nice production boyzz. Is it on the shore?
  8. afta

    Canvas Thread

    i love the seen stuff, good to see he's still droppin some tight steez. no sculptures ? wasn't that his next step. nice vinyl stuff i've only just started doing canvases i work on more of an urban setting, rather than an urban style.
  9. Enthen. Kube. Notch. Shine. USP. Dyle TMD. Kost FTC.
  10. ahh! you cant please anybody these days. interesting this pro. has been requested before no Shiner in this production, are the people telling the USPers something here???.
  11. shine.BRK. (brick) Notch kube.brick.
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