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  1. photo from my trip to Raratonga on the hike to the needle.
  2. what are you using to take them photos
  3. another BIGMOE canvas [CALEY]
  4. train yard" has shit all to do with graf but i good movie
  5. grafxnine


    this is my phone any one can take a product photo i say they own it
  6. i like the shots and the b&w but the story sucks
  7. mapquest show tracks it worked for me you need to drive too
  8. two canvas from the west http://members.shaw.ca/leontowich/bigmoe_2.jpg'> http://members.shaw.ca/leontowich/cakes.jpg'>
  9. here some thing from the rail fans http://members.shaw.ca/leontowich/nighttrain.jpg'> http://members.shaw.ca/leontowich/nighttrain2.jpg'>
  10. sitting on the shiter with hard wire highspeed internet bitches my whole house is networked every fucking room fuck the wireless and i got both desktop laptop pc and mac
  11. http://members.shaw.ca/leontowich/mars-panoramic.jpg'>
  12. http://members.shaw.ca/leontowich/mars-panoramic.jpg'>
  13. i have lived in canada all my life i move from a nice dry place to a fucking wet place but as for the cold its never stoped me only thing the cold does is keep the toys in and the cops away and as for foot prints haha i have never seen a cop look at foot prints in the snow to bust people
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