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  1. the real Adek Was in berkley, where fake ass adik was paintin for a sec:lol:
  2. Gory kerse Atoms Vic20 :dazed:
  3. HOW COULD I FORGET http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00345891f00000002.jpg'> HEIFEROK Ckt
  4. peace to the frisco kids Rove Les Crabs Harsh Cyfer Ribity Abuse WC POP
  5. Fucking gay... cept when they fall
  6. nice. Itso, Ces, Yes, and Cap! cool
  7. Re: current belmont How the Fuck....:mad:
  8. D35Tr0Y

    The Battle

    That is the pussiest battle Ive ever seen..... Pieces next to each other? Go back to art school. was the "Violent beef" because one of them wouldnt share their montana?
  9. I wanted to see trucks :( ...click my link
  10. *Fierce* *Erupto* *Reyes* *Dayser*
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