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  1. some thoughts on your links: the municipal waste has a RATE rat in it, thus I approve. The Iron Maiden video does not play past 5 seconds... Is that your point or is it just something coincidental?
  2. First of all, when I was asked to do this I was never asked to represent "graffiti writers" I was asked to represent "street artists." I would hardly consider myself that, you only sometimes see my shit in the streets but this puts me in front of a large audience and get my images in front of people. You're absolutely right you "can't knock the hustle." I see nothing wrong with that. I never shit on anyone man. This is something that mayors are going to base their entire platforms on, the city seems pretty intent on trying to make go away, and people are completely polarized on. I could really give a fuck about graffiti half the time, and the other half of the time I'm frustrated enough to go for a walk. I don't go hard on the streets, this town is too small. Why do you think my art is where it is? There came a time for me where every night that I wanted to go out and get up, I went in the studio instead. Going to court? fuck that. Losing relationships? not worth it anymore. I went into the studio and did something else. I simply came here to see if anyone had something they would want to say in this venue because I was told my name was mentioned in this thread. I'm not a part of your world anymore, have fun. I'm not representing graffiti. I don't represent graffiti.
  3. fake toy is an oxymoron, I'm either fake or a toy, make up your mind. Arakady, You have a valid point. I don't plan to give out any sort of "secrets." I really don't even know what I am involved with this thing for. I'm basically using it to hype an art show that I have coming up. I'm grinding and trying to hype my hustle, and don't plan to really talk about graffiti. I know it will come up but it's not like I'm going to say anything incriminating for anyone, believe that. When I was asked to do this I wasn't told a city prosecutor was going to be in this discussion, and now I have my own reservations about being in it... I'm just trying to use this to make some paper. Kyle Bryant
  4. regarding this whole space gallery thing... What are some topics or points that you want me to bring up? I am going to have the ear of the city, for better or worse. If there is anything that you think I need to bring up at this event please let me know. Kyle Bryant
  5. I'm basing it on the fact that the body is the same thing as a kaws bendy.
  6. oh hey KAWS, it's nice to see you could make it
  7. yo, Because you asked for feedback I'm going to give you some. I understand that your paiting skills haven't progressed enough to portray something "realistically " yet but in regards to your painting: The sky is not convincing, it suggests at a sky simply because of what we know a sky to function as, but aesthetically it just looks like a block of color. The tracks seem to be on a ledge that just drops off without suggesting any sense of space. It doesn't look convincing because of this. You should try to chandge the perspective a little so that you might actually see the tracks, or at the least create a sense of dimension with value. You could easily do this by changing the tone of the colors to make it seem like the tracks are on the ground as opposed to sitting on top of a wall. Your caboose isn't bad in the sense that it is drawn somewhat convincingly but again, it doesn't read as realistic. your highlights and shadows of the caboose are arbitrary and dont suggest a strong sense of light, instead it seems like the light around the piece is part of the piece. Also, it's floating, that was probably intentional though. just some constructive criticism. I hope you can take something from it.
  8. if it's an edition then yes, this print is a monoprint though. Email me and we can maybe work something out... my email
  9. some prints... silkscreen edition of 14 lithograph edition of 12 monoprint etching, open edition etching, variable edition of 22 stencil on canvas hope you guys enjoy, critique or questions welcome...
  10. Veto, did you actually paint the canvas that you ruined or did you find it at a yard sale or flea market and do your own thing on it like Banksy did?
  11. yo Agent Orange I think youre piece would be ever nice without the graff I don't know if it's really advancing the work at all...
  12. you know, it's pretty funny, and even more so kind of sad that on a first attempt at a canvas that spec was able to create something that looks exactly like what everyone else has been doing for months, or even years.
  13. dude, I was blown away by that 40 bottle when I thought it was 3 seperate bottles. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice, but I was a little dissapointed once I realized it was only one bottle. You should try spreading a piece over three bottles and post how it worked.
  14. if you're going to consider showing these pieces, you should probably label them differently. as far as i know, it is not made with aerosol, that could be hairspray.. i think adding paint to that might help. Quoted post [/b] I think you're nitpicking because everyone gets the point. What else could it be?
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