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  1. Lets go GIANTS!!! this is our year
  2. Bereal, Bove, Seak, Cajun, wheres Phus OMS? he was killin 242 for a minute...... ya, Bump!!!
  3. Ya I remember it, the one out of Concord right?
  4. i seen this show... and the rerun. sincerely, noshame mchangsoutwithtehfemalestoooften
  5. i'm ashamed to have seen my town in that video.
  6. man i was just thinkin bout him today
  7. isnt their a freigt crew NSF? i never new if he was in it or not
  8. he stilla round with a dif name
  9. I got a flick of that wall with Spinr Ryno Nitemare and Natrl, ill tryin find it
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