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  1. kenos krams volume and jokeone boston slf yogie mbd fda siesermbd page made with 4yro sister
  2. 781

    Kem 5

    Quoted post omg the ges is so fucking trip. look at the thing over the s it looks like its ringing like a gong.
  3. 781


    at first i was like hmmm wheres this thread going i wanted an awr thread. but now im all like dope shit. kil was onpoint. and its too bad theres not more real kept shit left in boston just a few throws that i know aboyt. that porter piece was barrrrrrry w w w w white yo. bary white
  4. sieser mbd kenos mbd krams fda mbd evader mbd yogie fda mbd one more sieser straight enough for yah?
  5. 781


    i can here music when i look at these two. good shit!
  6. 781


    any one got flix from this battle?
  7. alot of stuf i feel that shouldnt be here,but dope shit still. please post some felon ihu he is my favorite strait l guy from the 90s
  8. 781


    wow your citys shit looks dope. i watch the wire all the time and catch some felon and stuff. any one got a flick of the big fn that prop joe is parked in front of when the five get flix of him i think its the one or around the one where cheese takes that little white cumps car. peace sieser mbostond
  9. whats the matter you dont like metal/core?
  10. 781

    Paris Grime

    now this looks like heaven i wonder if my dead homie are there. lol paris will be my home before i die this i swear!
  11. dang my flick is getting a hella lotta play with now creds
  12. this is one of my favorite back joints.
  13. Re: NICE this is sick. ban this fucking name jocking toy. do you know who the real ghost is and how important he is? fuck kid. you are a joke.
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