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  1. ogcorndog

    rip riot

    hey boss. wtf Riot jeez. he sent me a message a couple weeks ago. Riot always showed me tons of respect and love. he definitly put in more work than 95% of the writers comin outta the beehive state. he was the king of provo and the utah gondolas. King Riot was very experienced for his age and has made a major impact on those around him. :innocent: much Love and respect>> Riot, you wont be forgotten :king: :(
  2. this post is taking it back to the essence of freight painting, something lost in todays generation of " wagoneers". Kudos. some of the stuff u caught at cicero I caught at an army base in the west. graff boner for days.
  3. get off the name homes chew on this... duh
  4. for the IRonChef...here u go and there you are I took too many dayquil's and crunk juice..... ooooweeeee!!!!!
  5. :yuck: side scrollin weezyness yes thats the tsunami. smile of nerves no that kwest isn't over tyboe. itsa bsm t2b best come correct fool.
  6. kus painted it then lever then snipe-riot then beef stroganoff. it sucks fr8s are trendy now.
  7. i've caught this hybrid on the east and west in 4 states 539-R1-17-17A%20%28Medium%29.JPG[/img]
  8. forgot to resize, a bit rusty... old..
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