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Everything posted by beestur.

  1. raw as kaput!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) clean ass shit!
  2. yeah. nice chisme senic view, fuck that stamp though.
  3. beestur.


    marky mark is clean as fuck. seen the japan rolling before.:) :)
  4. beestur.

    the nj bench

    paint over numbas and get stamped!
  5. too small...props thought
  6. yeah boy! wheres sone at??:confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. dope! dope ass fucking thread.:scream:
  8. nice post! even though i cant see shit
  9. seek- those are the skills brother, those arent photoshopped those are actuall piceces dont doubt the skills of art, he's a muther fucking photoking, freight king! midwest runs this shit
  10. i got that pair! make it clap!
  11. kwest:p ......fresh post.
  12. to tough to handle leave it up to the tough guy to get a tough job done.:scramble:
  13. uhhh......yeah :confused: where is the fashion show?
  14. nice. where is blondie at so he can bite the hell out of Ges? yeah biter you know whats up! i got you faded cry baby..:cry:
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