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  1. heheheheh i just realized that was a rubber glove on iz head dere.
  2. arcel, stop it with the replying to my threads.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :idea: fatman! is that will sasso?
  4. actually what brought this up was one time some friends were listening to a police scanner and the cops were like "we got someone huffing paint with a gun." They were like 'what are they shooting paint balls up dere nose.
  5. a paint ball gun. hahahahah lol
  6. I havent even seen it but i mean if it's not Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels than fuck it. They should have made it when they were old men it would've been like grumpy old men but they had to do it when they were in high school. But from what iv'e heard it's not very funny.
  7. Yeah, fuck privatizing water. Shit's fucked up. Just thought I'd poiint it out. That's what the big water companies are. Naive.
  8. Dumb and dumber has got to be one of the all time. I'm watching it right now. It's the scene where he's in the diner. what's the soup de jour soup of the day that sounds good ill have that.
  9. Dude Cameron Diaz is so ninja!
  10. My cat watches my dog through a glass door and she's like picking up things from him. Like my dog picks his food out of his bowl and puts it on the ground peice by peoce and now my cat does that. And my dog liks his penis all the time and when my cat cleans her under carriage like that. And if ya take a shoes string and swing it in the air my cat actually jumps up about a foot and spins. She dosnt do ti any more. And when you get the milk out to pour yourself a glass she starts meowin and tries to jump up and get the jug. Which brings me to my second point. never give your cats milk cos one tome I was readin in the next room and I hear this spalat noise. I get up and walk into the bathroom and ther's this puddle of gooey bubbly shit an d my cat's just standin ther and lookin at it. I apololgize for the spellin I'm typin chicke fingers
  11. H,hmmmm if i was a yuppie shit bag i would do the world a favor and eat shit and die.
  12. Get up shower for like an hour give my epileptic dog his pills get on hear learn how to spell! eat shit then getup on the streets. pphhhheeeeegghh! shagh! i wish!
  13. shit fuck damn hell shit shit fuck ass fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
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