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  1. I always bring bitches in the yards with me so if i almost get popped..the worker or whatever can get a nut off and leave me the fukk alone. ALWAYS WERKS YO......ALWAYS!
  2. I drink a little liquor, lot of water and juices.....
  3. RAels Is god and that ohio and glue shits hot
  4. Vault and Rade mos def that worm and that red and pink Kaput is fire yo
  5. Phone, Sigh and that Penis is classic Yo PH, what up wit them bitches at getty?????? Bucked on.
  6. i wonder if Iron E is a gay bashing rapper?....maybe i got you too mixed up.
  7. make me go O like Siris
  8. Call me mister Bent, Im at where your sister went.
  9. Lyes...shits a banger.....
  10. cope is prez and that Crae is flames yo. Nice Envy too and Gs.. ..by the way...FUKK VA
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