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  1. The Bigity Brewtown...... I bench Right out my office window.
  2. I could never get bored seeing Dope panals rolling (in person) threw my city. I looked in my sketchbook & seen many raw pieces drawn in there worthy of being showcased on certain classic RR boxcar types.... I got creative & made my own panals.
  3. That sitting area is the offical Brewtown Bench created by Hobo choo choo John & myself. It's nice up there in the summer to drink beer & watch a plethora of outbound trains marching out of town. that's not the only one- There is a few more benches like that around town. Now that's how you bench-
  4. Re: .. Thanks Big Paulie-BDK.... Brotha's Dont Know how I gets down!!
  5. Get it right... it's Photoshop 7.0.1 Something you Fontago Posters can't afford. Being a toy?? You know I usually don't get involved with these Toy time activities..... So let me put my five cents worth- Listen here little boy I've been benching for 15 years & I only clean up & enhance my images in PhotoShop. I'll bet you scan & post your images at the library. Be sure to stay behind your dad's computer when you start beef- It's safer for you there. If I catch you in the Railyards- I will fatten your lip, Jack roll your camera then kick your ass.......If you want beef I can bring the A-1 sauce. I hate mutha fucka's like you- You just cant sit back & enjoy the post.
  6. Some people dont like when I apply pieces to Cars, But I have the skills to do it- so I do.... Can you rock Images like that??
  7. <h1> Still Catching Wreck! </h1> <h3> Courtesy of Drab, DLB </h3> <center> <font size="5"><font color="red">Brewtown Bench Session</font></font> <h5>Movie clip may take a few minutes to Download</h5> </center> <h6> All Images & Video ©2004 Railrelics, All Rights Reserved. </6>
  8. <h6> Plenty more trains to come......let me go dig in my Archives & see what else I have for ya. </h6>
  9. Some of these cars are back by Popular Demand.
  10. <h3> BEER, BENCHIN' & BOXCARS! </h3> <h5> Take Note: On the Photoking standards created back in the day. Just say no to alley shots- If your gunna flick trains- do it with mad love. </h5>
  11. Beer, Benchin' & Boxcars!!!
  12. I love it, like a I love extra marshmellows in my hot coco!!
  13. Heart of steel. lookin Good Idel. Hardcore Bench Masters get out in the depths of the Snow & spend many long hours only to catch a few Quality cars - You got's to be in it to win it!!. Catching wreck amongst the cold steel giants is not for the Campbell's soup kids who think they got this benching game down to a science. Look at em- As they sit there behind their Pop's computer in the den looking at train Graff on the web, Talk'in bout I'm down with this Train Fame Game-All while Mom's is in the kitchen making them grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup. Rockin' the shit out of that sweater they got from Grandma for Christmas from the gap- Be sure to stay warm little Johnny. Man, let me post some shit to show these kids how true kingz get's down in the Brew! Real Kingz use a Kodak!!
  14. puttin in work! lovely!!- That man put together a fine collaboration of imagery! Hound, you da man now dawg!-
  15. Good post!!! The Rochelle diamonds must be your Benching Area huh??
  16. I can see clearly Clear has been catching wreck way before all you new jack benchers even had A flicking concept. Now that you got your dads digital camera you think you are a fotoking!. Big up's to all the pioneers- Faves,Clear,SB,ETC..... These kingz, like myself have been benching since 90. BDK (Brothas Dont Know) When you did catch a Clear train back in the day it was like finding a diamond in the cut. There wasn't shit running on the lines like today!!!! Big respect to the Dirty South kings- Some of the most knowledgeable men when it comes to benching!!!
  17. EsBee?? Nice thread kid- keep up the good work??
  18. keep working at it- maybe some day you will be come a fotoking.
  19. Dont get me wrong Zed I do enjoy all the monikers & some of the random civilian graffiti. there is just so much garbage rolling. Trust Jesus
  20. trashed trains I agree with big guy. Some kids need to paint something with some skill, worth their risk & time. I went out on many benching missions only to see numorious wack ass 2 color, styleless throw up's. Please dont waste the last of your cans on wrecking some clean cars with wackness. Your watching a highballin' outbound train & a lash up ( back to back trains cars with pieces) of top notch panals mixed with garbage comes rollings towards you- you Only have a split second to pick out, adjust, frame the shot & focus on cars worth flicking. I am tired of seeing so much garbage rolling!! Practice in your black book little boy before heading to the trains!!! My rule is this: If a Piece Dosent have more then three colors & a nice style that shit gets no play in my camera. There are oldschool Fr8 standards & a many classy ways to present your piece on a train- something some writers know nothing about........
  21. When I grow up I want to be just like flow Nice post!!!
  22. I love it like I love fat one's that post was swell- I showed my Grandma & she did a holyroller T-B with king 157 naked!! I like my girls supersized like my value meal!!
  23. the Big bang at the big Gig! I think sombody's getting smashed soon!!! looks like he's gunna get some corn on the cob, Go on the skyglide for his last good clear view of the city- then get a fat lip & a black eye all at summerfest the big gig!!! Damn kid you best go get into the witness protection program. you best change your behavior- because battlin' ACK- no religion can save ya!!
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