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  1. wow...I can't believe a liveline I did a year and a half ago would get me so much bad press. I remember running alongside that car just to finish, and being happy that at least I got to. Now, I get to hear guys like this whine about my piece because it's not good enough to be on such a "classy train". Well, I would've loved to take my time and do something nicer, but I had 5 to 10 minutes before the fucker rolled out! Passing that up would be like passing up sex with Rhianna or Megan Fox because it had to be a quickie!!! Now can we get off of this Whitney Houston "so emotional" shit and move on already?
  2. the sleeping condom that area piece
  3. stel that swampfoot steez silk and serm livelines hahahahacurdsknow...
  4. stun #21 ears and you owe me some p-funks muthafucka!!!
  5. nodak rollers all boxcars from the last 3 months. if i could remember them all it would take me too long to type ... fucking green beer is played shit snafu-2 tars-2 avoid-1 navy8e2e(lt. blue car) theory-3(one on a toothbrush) itch-5(a couple skulls) ridl-4 crow-5+ neckst/much(big shit) a character by that baker crew guy(said up the drunx!) diar/bubs diar-8+ sole-4 jaber-10+(a few floaters) skim-1(and that christmas wholecar) coupe-5 meter/bruiser(and about 5 solo pieces each) sars-(1piece 2characters) cows-1 worm-3 kaper-8(a couple with characters) gasp-2(and a holie the other day) fat-3 hope/from-4 pigs-1 mia-2 zine/mone-2 ghouls-2 other-1 biter-2(1almost finished with friend vent-2 acroe-1 erupto-5+ zes-1 learn-1(and a flat with lack that i've seen twice) each-2 saer-3 cops holie acero holie cycle holie nace/met holie (damn big with rollers i think black and orange deser?/norm (hopper 99') near(unfinished hopper) with a dissed satan tag on the other side big character by nick? from florida(hopper) luze bf marker outline on the top of a hopper(next to the catwalk) lucky streak on top of hopper loads of tags by bruiser,depths,meter,jaber,diar (seriously these dudes have the tag shit locked down here, it's not a normal day at work if i don't see like 10 a piece from these guys! i also see alot of 125cult tags roll through here. but shit this is getting too long now so later
  6. gain elvis streaks waterfowl
  7. whoops i forgot a few... more hoppers zine/mone gumbe near ?/siner floaters a dope ass character by mabe with a piece on the other side that's all!
  8. N. Dakota spotted remembering from the last 3 monthes or so... hoppers aroe/jelts snafu tars-3 bruiser ridl-2 shore other kiloe e2e hope-2 ghouls e2e elder/pars/?-2 myter geso merz/? MOB roller wholecar jaber-3 and lots of throws diar/saer-2 diar-10 plus loads of outlines crow/terd-4 crow-5 crow/ridl-2 each-2 pez ender pentag(goodbye seattle) fuck mpls style wars e2e by sarz the bomb squad e2e by ? kaper/? sole-4 sole/acroe next post boxcars!
  9. MN a line of flats hint news/atik core throwies x3 duem faded as fuck but kickin ass romer streaksx3 and lamer irm/ouija hopper said "quickee"- pretty cool to see simples by these dudes.
  10. gnarl day kept roller tag hopr phrite/guilt box sien box skan5 or skans box nace silver e2e other side crae box eatfuk box worm/? box over box virus box streaks-salmon,,desa,wonder,jesk,ruket,eatfuk,2twistbottles,meta,and the regs...
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