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  1. in germany you better run. i think there are certain laws that should protect your privacy but cops searched me cause of a nearby demonstration and my backpack that eventually could be loaded with ak47s... when you are doin illegal stuff in europe and cops see you walking with a backpack next to a yard or sth like that: you're fucked...i tell you to run doesnt matter what nice stories you can invent. when you're at the policestation cause of "hard-suspicion" it's hard to get out of it and you'll think about the 30metres distance they were away when you recognized'em.
  2. electricCity

    Spray Paint

    hmm the new beltons premium have somewhat a plastic ring painted with the color of the can....montana use another technique so the colors that are labelled on and the colors that really are in the can differ from eachother. walls: belton premium any steel surface: summer: spanish montanas, winter: belton or german montanas chrome: belton burner chrome or cromata plata (spanish montanas) montana gold is fuckin shit, i got some pre-master-series cans as a gift from my usual dealer and they worked out pretty good but the cans that were produced for everyone are filled with a paint that cant coverup anything unless you use one can per squaremeter :huh2:
  3. the second one is dope... @ ozek the picture with the train.... isn't that Berlin?
  4. hot stuff... from northern germany: http://www.stadtbild.org/tr604.jpg'> quik in berlin: http://www.artistz.de/trains/whole/10/quik_1.jpg'> southern germany: http://www.webyards.de/archiv/sites/trns12/1/1.jpg'> electricity
  5. berlin: http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/berlin/bc-00030_id01989.jpg'> easter(n)eggs: http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/erfurt/ef-00013_id07342.jpg'> http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/erfurt/ef-00017_id07346.jpg'> http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/erfurt/ef-00070_id07399.jpg'> stolen from: farbsucht.de electric²ity
  6. i've seen some "wufc" "sdk" nyc-flix anywhere.....i search for them. electricCity
  7. northern germany: http://www.fuck110.de/pics/steel/149.jpg'> http://www.fuck110.de/pics/steel/136.jpg'> http://www.fuck110.de/pics/steel/94.jpg'> http://www.fuck110.de/pics/steel/95.jpg'> http://www.fuck110.de/pics/steel/221.jpg'> http://www.fuck110.de/pics/steel/147.jpg'> stolen from hamburg-hardcore electriccity
  8. i mention that too, but i thought that you said that bor is a crew....... next time i read your post concentrated :):) electriccity
  9. :lick: mjam....delicious ! i eat my eyes and they're tasteful.... this yellow banana wholetrain.....from which part of france is it ? i've never seen such a train, and i've been nearly everywhere in france.... :) electric²ity
  10. @ webster ok bor i know, they(really they, i don't know of 'they' are a crew or if it's one person....) come from the ruhrarea. i think your 'iron' comes from berlin, cause of the "ghstars" tag in the second piece.......but maybe he's not...who knows ?!? electriccity
  11. er graphotism is from uk...... i know 2 'iron':P do you know the region where yours come from......? electriccity
  12. some nice things......... munich: http://www.hardlines.de/Train/train04n-02.jpg'> http://www.hardlines.de/Train/train03n-12.jpg'> german freight(hamburg): http://www.graffitihamburg.de/bilder/trains/trains/trains91/bilder/04.jpg'> german e2e's (rwrz crew) : http://www.rawrebelz.com/railwayrockerz/gross/t033.jpg'> http://www.rawrebelz.com/railwayrockerz/gross/t042g.jpg'> http://www.rawrebelz.com/railwayrockerz/gross/t074g.jpg'> http://www.rawrebelz.com/railwayrockerz/gross/t073.jpg'> ---> !!! http://www.rawrebelz.com/railwayrockerz/gross/t083e2e.jpg'> pictures taken from: hardlines.de graffitihamburg.de rawrebelz.com if you're interested in more, let me know it -->electricCity's email -electricCity
  13. northern steeltrain: http://fuck110.de/pics/steel/301.jpg'> electric²ity
  14. directly from old europe...... http://www.graffitihamburg.de/bilder/trains/trains/trains85/bilder/05.jpg'> stolen from graffitihamburg.de electricCity
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