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  1. Drowning Room!! who remembers the shows at the orange teen center. small but good times.
  2. haha jamey used to start the show by saying LET THE PRISON RIOTS BEGIIIIIIIINNN !!! Overcast, Dissolve, 25 ta life, sum of all fears...oh man those were good times
  3. Rainbow Six 3 is a great game for xbox.
  4. TRYB0L


    thanks joker...I will have to get some road races on video. I only have mtn bike videos at the moment, that will probably not go over to well with my room mate. I can see myself now....trying to jump my bike while on the trainer falling over still locked into the pedals.lol. one more question. does anyone use touring bars? they came on my bike and I guess sometimes there fun to use but they do get in the way. I have a cannondale ironman 800 which is a touring bike...but my area has allot of hills and I find myself not using the bars all that often.
  5. TRYB0L


    does anyone use a trainer? I bought one yesterday, its a cycleops. really nice and since its getting cold here I figure it would be a good workout for the snowboard season and also spring when I can get back on the bike.
  6. its a scam! you get charged something like 10 bucks even if you were on for only a few seconds. they have done this with allot of celebs.
  7. ^^ wow I thought I was old. j/k early 90's for me. good lookin out everyone!
  8. haha these are great, you guys came through again. thanks allot.
  9. HAHA refer to deleted thread! :rolleyes: guess I have to be a moderator to solicit on the boards.
  10. Since my last post was deleted, I was not solicitating It was a simple question of opinion. but I am not going to argue about it. All I wanted to know was what do you associate with the 80's? I appreciate everyone who answered last time!
  11. TRYB0L


    My company is working on ads that will best represent each decade. I'm working on the 80's. The question we were given is. "What term's, images, role models, etc. best describe the 80's? I have a bunch, the other people in the group are all 40-50 and have really dumb answers. Since I respect the opinion of the graff community and think you guys best represent the 80's lets see what you got.
  12. seeking if your getting a vw, go with the bbs 2 piece rm wheels with a 2inch lip. those are hot right now. if your interested check out vwvortex forum. there is a guy who is selling these wheels in any combo you want. I just picked up a 72 vw bug. we are dropping it 4 inches, 17inch porsch cup wheels front to back rag top. and hopefully after some money saved a 1989 porsch carrera engine.
  13. oh yeah....that would be the casablanca hotel. almost half the people got kicked out and or arrested. hooters saturday night was crazy. lots of burnouts but the cops were on it quick.
  14. I've got a rabbit vr6 in the works....keep an eye out. I will post pictures of the work in progress this winter.
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