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youre a lame

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  1. wow! sik learned to type with the caps off! the world amazes me everyday.
  2. yo i cant believe you made this your first post. you are like a computer hacker with downs syndrome. a SNIFFER. nigga the only sinffer you know is a coke head. if the cops had a program running on this website all yall fags would be in trouble.
  3. my sentiments exactly you stud! <3 Ken82
  4. youre a lame


    ohhhh man you talk shit on this dude and you will catch one.
  5. HAHA! BOH! BEAM! Felon taking fools out shot for shot.
  6. that remix is hot hot hot. them mayhem kids stay fucked up acting a fool. wheres flicks of that poke and prae shit was fresh.
  7. http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/mfone.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/door.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/phone.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/rekedekey.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/zasksesk.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/zaskthrow.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/vomit.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/zaskemef.jpg'> http://www.grizzlebees.com/12oz/illesthopper.jpg'>
  8. Re: Re: Re: Re: not as cool tough dude hiding behind a computer.
  9. who cares. and if you do why do you care.
  10. UH OH! http://www.cloutdistribution.com/clout_5_cover.jpg'>
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