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  1. we didnt go to the maze, she was sick (legit). i talked to my boy about it. im gonna avoid her for a few days. then maybe monday or tuesday call her up and just ask her if she wants to go out that night. we'll see.
  2. I guess its time for an update. I havent written because the shit has been too depressing and confusing. It all started when I broke my necklace by not realizing I had grabbed it, along with my shirt, when I took my shirt off to take a shower. I went to the mall to buy a new one, since I feel weird not wearing a necklace. Well, Lisa was in the mall at the bookstore. I was feeling really depressed and didnt want her to see me. I pretended to shop in a nearby Dillards, glancing at her, waiting for a time when I could go get the necklace and she wouldnt see me. After about 5 minutes she leaves, to go on break I guess. So I make a run for it, buy the necklace, and try to get out. As Im leaving, I see Gina out of the corner of my eye, and I saw shes with someone but I didnt see who. I thought it might be her bf, so I looked away because I didnt want to see that, and also because it would be awkward for me to talk to her while hes there. Right as I look away, Lisa (the younger sister), approaches me and says hi. So I start talking to her for a few seconds, then Gina approaches. She was with some pregnant chick, not a guy. Damn I felt stupid. So they both talk to Lisa for about 30 seconds, and all Gina does is look at me and we smile. She never says hi, then she leaves without saying bye. Now, I was already depressed as fuck, and that made it worse. That was awkward as fuck. So Lisa says 'she didnt even say hi to you? thats weird'. She tells me how sad I look, and tells me not to be sad. She says whatever it is, Gina will get over it. I leave and go home. When I get home Gina imed me and said the only reason she didnt stay and talk was because she saw me look at her and look away. I told her why I did that. She says 'me and him arent talking anyway'. Then Michelle gets online and tells me that Gina and the ex are 'done for good'. Who knows if thats true though. So I talked to Gina online and asked her if she still wanted to go to the cornfield maze on Friday night. She said she would, but it depends on how she feels. She did seem interested though because we started talking about how funny it would be if we went in coveralls and stuff. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she told me. And we basically said we were going to exchange gifts to each other. If she doesnt cancel, and we go to the maze on Friday, what should I do? I want to know if shed want to date me but I dont know how to go about asking. The options I was considering were just going for a kiss and seeing if she pulls away or not, asking her seriously if shed want to start dating me, or say it in a confident, care-free way and just be like, 'how about we start dating for real?'. Any advice?
  3. well i talked to the younger sister online (lisa), she invited me down to the bookstore because she said she was gonna be bored. so i went down there and things went well. i get back home and we're talking online. i ask if gina is there. she says no, shes on her way home from her ex's house. she says she thinks theyre getting back together. they dated for a long time and even though shes had some serious relationships since him, she never stopped loving him. im not gonna front y'all, i was hurt as fuck. straight up almost in tears. i told lisa the truth, that i was hurt, but that i was thankful she was honest with me. she just kept saying 'im sorry'. she said her sister just likes me as a friend. it all makes sense now. when i first met gina she liked me alot, apparently shortly after that the ex got back in the picture, hence the cancellations and shit. i need some fucking drugs. mapo/ stealin seeks' style and hurtin like a bitch
  4. to start things off.. we were supposed to go out last night but instead just asked me if id want to hang out at the dogsitting house and order pizza. i said ok. i go over there and everything is good. we click really well together. then after about a half an hour she says 2 of her friends are coming over to spend the night. i didnt mention how before she said that inviting people over was disrespecting the house..it just seems like she doesnt want it to be just us 2 there..not sure what that means though. so anyway..we made plans to meet again sunday..but due to scheduling conflicts i emailed her and changed to friday night. she said it sounded good, but added a 'we'll see what happens'. i guess to cover her ass in case she cancels.
  5. well i just got invited over to the dog-sitting house, to chill and order pizza. lets see what comes of this...
  6. ok, i just talked to her online. she canceled again. this time i let her know my patience was wearing thin with her bullshit and asked her to be honest, i asked her if im wasting my time by asking her out. she insisted that wasnt the case. she said she really felt bad but the dog sitting lady was gonna call and she had to answer because otherwise it would look like she wasnt there. then she said it would be disrespectful to invite me to the house. she then promised me we would go out friday night, suggested dinner and a movie, or dinner and some other activity. i said that would be great. i know it was probably a bitch-move to reschedule again, but i think she was for real. she seemed legitimately sorry to cancel, and I think shes being real about friday night. im willing to give her another shot. ill keep ya posted.
  7. oh fuck. so last night she told me shed be online from the dogsitting house..and she'd give me directions and shit. well i get online, ask her how shes doing, she says 'good, a little tired...about to go home'. i know this is bad. so i ask 'too tired to go out?' to which she says 'honestly, im gonna go home and sleep, can we meet at 8:30?' so i said ok. then she says 'but i cant be out late because i have to go back to the dogistting house tonight'. this shit aint looking good. if she cancels on me tonight again, fuck it, im through. i have a feeling shes not gonna contact me then tell me she was too tired to wake back up. fuck it.
  8. i really appreciate all the help. i talked to her online last night, and we made plans for tonight. i asked her if there was anything in mind she wanted to do and she just keeps saying we'll figure it out tomorrow. i get the feeling we'll just chill at the house where she dog sits. but then she was like 'i feel like its disrespectful to their house to invite people over, but we'll see tomorrow'. so i really dont have any idea how it will go. if we do leave and go somewhere i guess ill take her to a restaurant or something like suggested. i was actually thinking of taking her to a comedy club. i guess it really will just be a spur of the moment thing. if i dont post back here tonight, y'all know the deal.
  9. someone post Smarts' Buccaneers tattoo.
  10. naw man, this is mapos own little reality thread. it should be called 'help mapo get laid'. the original idea i thought of was for me to post things on here, and id follow the advice of some, and report back to how it went, etc. until i finally had sex. like, you guys would tell me where to go to meet the girls, how to approach them, where to go on the date, etc. and basically ch0 would put their collective brains together and help me have sex. but then i got interested in this girl and changed it to help me get a date. now im just kinda logging my 'relationship' shit and you guys can help me. its an interactive reality thread. its dope as fuck. recognize.
  11. to make a long story short. i talked to her online. the sisters got into a fight, and since only the younger one has a comp, she put a pw block on windows so gina couldnt sign on. she forgot my number. and she never got my voicemail message. shes interested in meeting me though she just needs to get her schedule tomorrow. then she says she'll contact me. ill be back here in about 24 hours all depressed she didnt contact me.
  12. well.. i probably shouldnt say this..but i kinda took teases advice.. i drove by her house, out of curiosity, to see if she was home. i didnt stop or anything, but her car was parked out front. fuck.
  13. fuck it. im gonna leave a message. i dont think shes avoiding me. i think she probably went out all weekend and hasnt gotten back yet. im sick of not knowing what the deal is though, so i wanna talk to her.
  14. ok heres where you can help. should i leave a message and ask her to call me back? or would it be too much like im nagging her? keep in mind that today is my only day off and if we dont do something today, its unlikely that we will for the rest of the week.
  15. i just tried calling. nobody home. shes probably been out all weekend. fuck.
  16. i think you have good advice silentbob. im gonna give her a call in an hour or two. shes probably not even home though. ill ask her if she wants to go out today or tonight..and if she says no im gonna be like 'so..am i basically just wasting my time by asking you out?' wish me luck.
  17. yeah i hear ya on that code of conduct type shit. im sure it works. the only thing is that i am not really into all that. i mean, i hate playing games like that. i just like to straight up be myself. but ya know, i might go that route. ill see what she has to say tonight or whenever, and ill definitely blow off today like it wasnt no thing. im just gonna see how she talks to me and what her excuse was or whatever. according to that ill decide how i want this to move along. if she seems like she genuinely wants to see me tomorrow ill probably do it, if she seems like she wasnt that interested..ill act not interested back.
  18. damn, you might be right. i meant it to be a roundabout way of me asking her to be my girl. i didnt mean it literally like 'ill date you if that means we can fuck'. although she could have interpreted it that way. it wasnt long after that, that she got out of bed and told me i had to go because she didnt want me driving home tired. its been bothering me alot though. but i try to remember that that is my personality - i panic/get worried very easily. i talked to a girl at work who im close to about it. she said just give it time, maybe she just doesnt want to rush things. and that she may have had legit plans. this girl has low self-esteem. and i told her that she was funny, smart, nice, gorgeous. she just replied that she didnt see the 'gorgeous' part. i told her she just had to trust me on that one, how smooth is that? haha. but im wondering if this girl is one of them who has such low self-esteem that she subconsciously likes being rejected and shit. when i was still into her sister i turned down her advances left and right and she kept persisting, now that i show interest back, she backs off. what the fuck? but my gut feeling is almost always right, and hers my guess for the near-future. ill put down 5-1 odds that she contacts me tonight, has an excuse. but then says shell meet up tomorrow, and actually does. time will tell.
  19. well i dont like either plan. i dunno..when i talked to her friday she did say 'would it be that big of a deal if we didnt see each other today or sunday?' i was wondering why she just tossed sunday in there. but to find out, i ended up asking her if shed want to meet up sunday..she said 'yes. i would'. maybe she knew she had plans but didnt want to cancel on me again, so she figured she could just give me an excuse again on sunday. who knows. my guess is that tonight she'll contact me and give me the 'something came up that i didnt expect' bullshit, and then maybe make plans for tomorrow which she'll follow through with. thats just the gut feeling i get.
  20. so last night i sent gina an email asking if we were still on for tomorrow (today, sunday). she still hasnt replied. oh well, im not gonna call, i dont want to beg or nag her. i told her i worked until about 4 then we could chill after that. so we'll see if she contacts me soon. i doubt it though. shit sucks.
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