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  1. KOOL NIFE and SKE take the cake.
  2. Navy 8 What are you doing now? I'm sitting at work after hours because I don’t have the internet and all my friends actually go out and do shit. What inspires you? As far as graffiti, I have always been into watching and seeking out graffiti. Not only benching but also when I’m out of town checking out the highways, walking the streets taking everything in. This passed year or two I haven’t had too much time to bench but I still get allot of relaxation out of it. It’s very comparable to fishing. Bring a beer, a pack of smokes, sit back and hope they bite. The 2 people I have painted the most with have also inspired me allot. Chip has always been on some other planet. I think allot of it is over people's heads and he doesn’t care. He just gets more and more experimental. Also, if the world actually got to see half of what eye actually does, he would be allot more recognized...and again, he isn’t sweating anything like that. I like bombers, freight guys, whatever. It’s all graffiti to me and I've never been too cool to admit who at the time I’m feeling. The HM guys have always done it for me. Much, Spel, Yen. mid-90's nyc heads on freights which always hit close to home because most of their hoppers layed up in my spot. But the biggest influence was just growing up in jersey and watching the bombing going on. kemos, nace, rime. You cant ask for more than that. What is your educational background? High school...by the skin of my teeth. Digital or non-digital? Very recently... digital Who is your work targeted towards? Anybody that would look at it i guess... from someone that would look at it and dig it to someone who would flip out and tell his wife their neighborhood is going to hell. its all funny to me. I saw a tag in a dunkin donuts bathroom that was microscopic, it said "hidden camera" and I think about that shit all the time. Its just funny. I did a freight once that had all my letters wearing costumes: a cowboy, a ghost, a clown wig and I hope it lays up in some kids backyard. How long have you been doing art? My first girlfriend was like a real "ghost world" type and she had ex-hippy artsy fartsy folks. They always encouraged me to do art and they would take us to the art museums. They made organic soaps and roasted chestnuts in the living room. That’s when I guess I started getting into seriously drawing. Why do you do art? I think I have issues with my mortality. What one event drastically changed your life? My political standpoints have been playing ping pong since then: psychedelics and September 11th. What tools do you use do produce art? Whatever eye steals me. Tech or organic? Techno-organic... its like a super closeup of a crystal clear grasshopper and low drum and bass songs. I don’t know how to answer this because I cannot pull off either of these things. Do you make money and or a living off your art? Yes, I am very fortunate. If you owned one of the largest corporations, what would you do? Nothing...drugs by the jacuzzi. What kind of music do you like? I like a song that tells me a story...nick cave and leonard cohen are some of my favorites. ghostface tells me stories i guess. haha, i dont know...everything man. What is your opinion on life existence? I think its shitty. I wish I was brain dead. I think we are TOO smart. The fact that you just asked me this meanwhile the next species down the intelligence level is miles away. A monkey is smart, yes in relation to say a fish. It can smoke a cigar and ride a bike, big deal. It isn’t laying in bed about to have a nervous breakdown every night because it knows its not going to heaven (or hell) when it dies. Its not watching the news seeing 45 people blown to pieces in a car bomb due to some bullshit war over some bullshit religions and feeling sick about it. Life is crazy. There are millions of people praying to some god that is a mirror reflection of their culture thinking they are more than they are. It is the world's biggest denial. It is so hard for me to believe that we are more than biology. We are expendable. Governments all over the world throughout history have shown us this. I believe in the common human morals and everything is made because they need you for something. To quote a famous band from jersey "all they want is your money, and all they need in your numnotic approval. You gonna give it to them?" Do you believe that humans have the ability to foretell future events? I kind of do. Yes. China, the United States, or Europe? We shouldn’t let the last couple fuckwads we have had in office ruin it for everyone... USA baby! Computer chip implants or not? Not What did you do today? Worked Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Hopefully doing the same shit... just better. I am a relatively happy person.

    The Babble

    that is a fun ad. It made me smile.

    The Babble

    Fade's e in his fe outlines is very phillip guston-esque.

    The Babble

    'you do doodle" on the phone thats the greatest
  6. HERMDOG, do you have flicks of the gable fills that are opposite that 'apes' piece?
  7. virus is always nice to see. Kaput, and remio got really really good. nice work.

    The Babble

    SEEKING, does ABUSE do that kind of work under the name 'abuse' or under a real name?

    nyc fr8s...

    Talk about coming hard on a simple, that green and blue HOST is top notch.
  10. ROOKIE


    put this one up top.
  11. ROOKIE

    The Babble

    rumor has it that phones are for answering. Get at me you busy little beaver.
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