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  1. Does anyone know about writers on fuerteventura island? got any contacts?
  2. it´s about ecb and reso from europe. the thing is that it´s not like a regular graff-mag or book. it´s more an art thing. this is what I found on amazon: ---- Type isn't merely a medium of communication, it expresses a personality or style." This new style reveals the exciting process of the graffiti artist's craft, from the rudimentary fusion of letter to final impact. German graffiti writers ECB and RESO have been carefully documenting their collaborative works since they started painting in the 1980's. ECB and RESO approach their craft with a meticulous, graphic design sensibility, introducing a unique artistic twist to the form. Not your typical fly-by-night graffiti artists, this pair have honed their craft. These newly-documented pieces, some large scale, some concept-driven, are fine examples of work done with impeccable care. ----
  3. I bought this book called "Straight Lines"...it´s incredible!!!
  4. http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/saarbruecken/sb-00212_id11573.jpg'> found some more:-)
  5. http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/saarbruecken/uek3-00109_id13300.jpg'> http://www.farbsucht.de/bilder/saarbruecken/sb-00220_id11581.jpg'>
  6. Who´s got new Reso flixx?
  7. I just came back from europe and you know what? Some guy told me ECB is going to bring out a book on the productions he did with RESO. These productions are hot!
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