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  1. this board is so liberal it is sickening
  2. stop riding the liberal media's dick.
  3. do you guys wish that we wouldn't have gone into iraq? do you think that the people liked living under Saddam Hussein? did you see what happened when they pulled the statue down?
  4. brooksmatic


    reminds me of m.c. escher.
  5. TNN is also trying to bring over a bunch of shows that are popular in Japan. They already have one on that is basically an American gladiators but with better obstacles.
  6. i couldn't find any pics of method man's tat but it's on his forearm. it is written in some old style fancy writing and it says Death when his arm is down and when he turns it up it says Life. it's a sick tattoo, and it's hella funny listening to him explain it. "An' when I turn my arm up, BLAHH!!! LIFE!!!"
  7. last bought: RJD2 - Deadringer Dr. Octagon - Octagonecology next: Masta Ace - Disposable Arts (i have been meaning to get it for a long time)
  8. What's the difference between a black man and a piece of dog shit? One turns white and stops stinking after a few days.
  9. Swingers, it's money baby. SLC Punk was actually pretty good despite me having no punk background. Clerks. every kevin smith movie is good but this is the best.
  10. SINE1, do you write sine?
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