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  1. those skin scribes are the best shit Ive seen in a minute. that shit was some heavy metal raw dog shit before the emo fags co-opted it.
  2. props to painting freeways. I like seeing them shots. but its true the north end shots are chill. and if thats all you got then id consider hitting more city spots cuz I never see clubs or mistake up here. in the city reppage count more for ups I think and they have to go to 3A right now. and also that young kid odor. Like it or not. I see him everywhere.
  3. nice post neferious........and thumbs up on this>>>>>>
  4. bump for BK heads!! sorry i missed the party. are yall coming to la for the big shin dig????
  5. bryer, mamon.. i hope yall are safe. if you need to flee. yall can come kick it in the northwest again anytime. pz. bigK
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