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  1. I'm bored as shit and all I do while im bored is sit on this website and play my damn guitar.... what ya'll jammin on? what influences, guitar players do you look up to? what guitar would you like to be jamming on? what techniques do you have up your sleeve.... post uppppppppppppppppppppppppp



    im currently jammin on this decent Dean Evo electric with a crap little VOX amp but i don't play with much distortion anyway so it's cool.... need to cop some pedals but no cash flow. also got this Jay Turser acoustic that I pick on now and then...nice tone to it...


    - i mostly get down with everything..... incubus..metallica...tool is good... a perfect circle...chevelle...pink floyd.... i don't know kind of a weird mixture .....


    if i could choose a guitar i'd probly get one of those ebony Gibson supremes... maybe A Gretsch... those are hot.


    well i'm bored... if you play reply..


    peace doods.

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