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  1. hey i'm no wildlife expert... :confused:are foxes a grey-white color and about 4 foot long, 3 foot tall? definately some type of wild dogs... i dunno... anyhow heres a link to the piece i did that night... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/us...rmal_bridge.JPG
  2. heres a couple more: http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_blackbookpiece.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/blackbookcharacter.JPG'> i originally put these two on an earlier thread but realize i should keep all my blackbook in this one thread so it stays organized.
  3. hmmm.... she looks like she's got to be over 18 to me... when it's drawn that simply she could be over 30 and already gone through a pregnancy but maintained a youthful figure ya know, i've seen lots of girls in their late 20s with that type of body. it's not meant to be really "hot" anyway, more like a classy nude, maybe your seeing the innocent look as childish, but thanks for the input.:lol:
  4. my letter A i know it's real late on this... had to submit an A... here goes... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/alphabattleA.JPG'>
  5. wade23

    Alpha Battle: B

    my letter b http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/alphabattleB.JPG'>
  6. wade23

    Alphabattle E

    just had to make another submission... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/alphabattleE.JPG'>
  7. more pages.... here's some mo' http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb11.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb10.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb09.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb08.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb07.JPG'>
  8. king phuk insane crayon props yo you took it with crayola, thats your arena... i can't compete, so i'll stick to my pens and markers:lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. wade23

    Character Post

    another girl... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/blackbookcharacter.JPG'> i like all the characters i see here, lots of skill!!!
  10. wade23

    Character Post

    a girl character http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/bb5.JPG'> sorry the pencils so light the scanner makes it a little hard to see maybe i'll ink her in and repost later
  11. i agree its rare to see art that skillful, i don't even understand how you did the background on the first one unless it's computer assisted.... dope texturizing!! mucho respecto and props
  12. wade23

    my stencils

    your right whity sorry i cussed ya personally calling ya retarded and lame-ass, that was pretty fuckin' negative of me and i do feel bad about it now.... i really meant to be more constructively criticizing you.... it just makes me really fuckin pissed when i see bitten shit is all.... i do agree with that other cat, your gun stencil on your site is the best one of all actually, at least in a different context it would be. at least your trying to get up with something unlike some people on this site. i've done a couple anti-war stencils before, i'll try to get a flick of one a mine and post it here... i don't hate ya
  13. keep working on the letter forms aspire is dope... my advice on crayola... pencil crayons it looks like?!? dont use them. you are right, the colors are gay and you can't blend wit em.... instead use good art markers like prismacolor or tria theres wicked colors selection! you can do slick looking highlights on letters using a white gel pen. for outlines what i like best is the pigma micro pens (size 1) or small sharpie markers the best writers stylewise are the ones who sketch a lot and keep trying to build skills and innovate... keep it up!!!
  14. PAGES FROM MY BLACKBOOK http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/bb6.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb4.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb3.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/bb5.JPG'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bb2.JPG'> thats it for now... i'll post more later
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