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Kurt Kokaine

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  1. Poe on the comeback for reeal. Good to see some of this guys shit, seattle King. Always Hick and Pores. Good shit. It is an everyday struggle in the district, can't get caught slippin. Goood flicks maiiiiiin. Fools have been hittin the pepsi sign. Bleke(?) and Bees had shit killed a couple years ago
  2. crave - interesting, however, most lack any artistic value what so ever. IRON HEAD - BUT THEIR SHITS WACK AS FUCK do you people understand that these ARENT GRAFFITI WRITERS?!? you ignorant ass cornfed suburban dickheads. theyre not putting this shit up to impress you guys. and this has nothing to do with the little white kids down the block. plus this is where a lot of the westcoast style came... oh yeah... gangsters kill people, you type shit on a computer screen
  3. young stak looking fresh as fucck Daniel-er and Bhiver word
  4. am i trippin or is that a BTM tag in that Besea? is this fool on BTM now....:mean:
  5. if youve ever heard of something called a "graffiti crew" its a group of people who are usually friends who do graffiti...they go hand in hand graffiti wouldnt kill people for you hoes sure as fuck wouldnt do shit for you everyone that voted for hoes is a reeaaal dickhead and obviously knows nothing about the game...not the graffiti game, the life game you can stick your dick in hoes tho...
  6. Fuck all this bullshit sissy shit you little punks put up some pictures of real seattle shit i should stop looking at this faggot ass site oh yeah and to whoever made that snide fuckin nose in the air comment about slie...this dude did more damage to this city this year than you ever caught in your life not to mention hes been holding it down for years recognize royalty bastard im a drunk andangry pre teen
  7. Central District Seattle! Breeding ground of the Illest DISTRICT TO THE SOUTH you little bastards need to recognize that the district has been holding it down for eons union madison cherry jackson mlk 23 rainier know the deal the district is worldwide chumps booyah!
  8. This city has seen a whole lot of changes, and graffiti seems to fluxuate. Seems like every three four or so years shit seems to really take off, die back down since the early-mid 90's. You know? Back in the day when HLK BTM/KFM CD LF OFA KYT/DTC... was running full force. Real beautiful shit. I can definitely sense some shit brewing. A lot of fools are starting to get that itch again and seems like shit is gonna take off. Maybe its wishful thinking ...but no doubt Ill be there when it's time to take it to the streets.
  9. Post some fucking pictures someone this is depressing me
  10. Dudes are on some mo lovely smokin pimpin wit a passport type shit. Bangin tags. Tabasco sauce, Baby.
  11. Shitshyeah Danziggy. That black and whiter.... That NEVA spot is pretty filthy too t. PhiverBhiver DieFoSho Gotue Plus Good Thread
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