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I am Fabio

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  1. actually youre right. im sick of being fabio. i will return as someone else.
  2. I know! Even the Jackass "Bungee Wedgee" and the bowling clips were clay animated.
  3. i didnt mean to put a thumbs up on that.
  4. Strepthroat. PFFFFFFFFFFF fuckin lame.
  5. Johnny Knoxville, Richard Lewis, David Bowie and Mr.T completely in clay. I was laughing the whole hour through even though I was still sick as fuck. Did anyone else watch this? Seriously one of the funniest inventive Conan shows I've ever seen.
  6. haha i got listed on the second reply. im so old school 12oz that it hurts. if i didnt go name hopping i'd probably be quadrouple veteran status.
  7. thanks kabar. now all i need is some income.
  8. I was just about to say that.
  9. Tags in the woods are nothing new to me. I live near a mountain town, and see forest tags frequently. Whats cool, is when youre hiking and see a hectic alert tag on some metal box like 10 miles away from anything. Also, I've spotted many cool writers in wierd locations like behind reststops on the freeway in Kentucky or stuff like scribes on mirrors in FANCY resturants. That always makes me laugh. Good writers with good taste. Not to drop names, but Eruptoe327 is by far the most up writer in "wierd" locations that I've ever seen. Almost every state I've visited has had him popping up in the mo
  10. I am Fabio


    Oh man, Fabio hates dredlocks.
  11. -Brown/cappucino velour Puma jumpsuit. -Navy blue abercrombie undershirt and boxers. -Navy blue NorthFace beanie -black sweatband -white nike socks
  12. i dont have anything in my pockets right now. im wearing a velour puma jumpsuit.
  13. uncleboy: yeah you can od on tylenol pm's. dont take more than 4000mg of tylenol a day. you can take more if your tolerance is way high, but it still could give you a acetominophin overdose and kill your liver and even take you along for the ride. i'd suggest going to the doctors and getting some diazepam.(valium) it knocks you out cold and gives your body a nice jelloey feeling before you pass out without the hangover that nyquil gives you. also...hot bath and some hot sleepytime chamomile tea or some steamed milk will do the trick.
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