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  1. have we forgot that most of us on 12oz are artist? draw her some shit if you aint got money. I'm not talking graffiti either, unless your mom is into that kinda stuff. Make her a card, its not that difficult. Make her an abstract expressionism piece, that doesn't take too much time. She'll appreciate the effort

  2. Originally posted by Joker

    Dear god...


    1st. Learn To draw straight lines, or something close to that.

    2nd. Dont call yourself PERFECT cuz bruddah, you are planets away from it.

    3rd. Like Joker said it would be better if you just drew straight up block letters than what you were trying there. You are not ready

    4th. Go to borders or wherever and look at graffiti. Study that shit.

    5th learn how to color

    6th Once you start understanding letter structure, reach into your vault of creativity and come up with your own shit.

    7th DONT BITE, especially if you are gonna post on here, cuz all these graff nerds will call you on it immediately

    "You're wack until further notice"

  3. Originally posted by mr.yuck

    If you can obtain a dent puller there is a lot of money to be made by pulling out the lock mechanism in soda machines. Despite the stickers, they dont empty them daily.

    How do you obtain one of these?

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