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  1. You all need to just get off the internet. Paint. Currently, you are all undeserving of seeing any new photo's. Except Beamr. Beamr is the only one I see who's been getting busy and staying away from this bullshit. Props to him. Signing out for '05. Peace to all my friends and foes.
  2. not mine, but it has definite funk http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/anonymity1/AwakesA.jpg'>
  3. Does your homepage open up to about:blank and there is no possible way of changing that. It happened to me and was a bitch to fix it
  4. nah, lets keep talking about it:crazy:
  5. i always wondered what the significance was about wasting so much time
  6. Ping pong actually takes quite a bit of skill and energy and eye hand coordination when you are at the professional level.
  7. Fuck Graffiti this is the real shit www.tagginwithbboy.com
  8. anonymity


    It's been done...some euro's have done pieces in dots, i think it was maybe INSA but I'm not too sure. It was in one of my older graphotisms, before they were fat and didn't cost $20.
  9. Yo HoMiE GeE. WeRd Up Gawd. Yu LyK mAd FrEsH Dawg,
  10. it would be better if the movement didn't suck so much ass
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/anonymity1/tracks.jpg'>not your typical Hawaii
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