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  1. Well, its not exactly a blind thought on getting into philosophy of science. I have spent a long time doing research and reading about physics on my own, so I feel I have a good enough grasp to continue to focus on science from a philosophical perspective. Anywho, I just think eschotology is interesting. I dont particularly ascribe to any of its ideas, just a cool aside within science. Have you ever read the book, Stranger in a Strange Land? I sing its praises to everyone, but I'm gonna do it again. Great book for this kind of metaphysics. blah, im tired, lack of sleep kicki
  2. I wasn't trying to seperate myself from the interaction, per se, but to suggest that I didn't need the actual experience of ultimate frisbee to become much better quickly. I agree that I did need all that experiencial data that came before. But they were not connected until I chose to figure out what correlative implications there could be for them. Anywho, I think we get the gist of that whole idea. Again, I agree about the whole monk thing. I dont know enough, but my modmate studies neueropsychology and linguistics, and damn does he know a lot about it. We'll just sit with his bong and
  3. its so whodie out today, definitely gonna paint today... and im gettin some of that real purple... good day.
  4. I can directly relate to all of that, except I haven't read any Descarte. Have you read the Zhuangzi? I think it's a more nuanced formulation of mostly the same ideas in the Tao Te Ching, but I feel like it approaches them much better...more creatively, if you will. Anyway, the major idea I get out of these texts and other texts that express essentially the same idea (my personal favorite is William Blake) is to stop thinking about it; the beatific vision, sat-chit ananda, whatever you want to call it, the atavistic egg of philosophy and art, is only accessible by direct perception. If anythi
  5. i keep watching the video of those rims that display images.
  6. i got five bitches in the back of tha ride...
  7. just got the first of my midterm paper grades back; A-. way whodielife. may paint tomorrow. good start to the week. hows the rest of the whodie fam doin?
  8. speaking of licenses, I lost my wallet yesterday. I need to find that shit. somewhere in my apartment.
  9. whodie late life. what it do.
  10. jack in the box is one of the things i miss most from home. 24 hours. 99 cent tacos with jalepeno poppers? whodielife.
  11. shit is still around. just go to any city/town in central/panhandle texas.
  12. one of the many features ala ICQ
  13. with all the people active in the forum, shit should be poppin right now.
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