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  1. yep thats bise std there killin it with them throwies.. :skull: :skull:
  2. yeh that 'Senor' kunt gets around, fresh few snaps of him from all over the place in the recent subway net. y not take a look..
  3. yardcore

    On my travels

    4got i snapped this but stillll, that new graff shop in amsterdam, nx door 2 the old 1, but strictly graff shit, shop is crisp 2 fuck... :rolleyes:
  4. Not sure if these have been posted. anyways. a few dels throwies from U75..
  5. It is good within reason, i mean posting the odd flick here and there of a few tags or throwies isn't bad. But when it comes to posting up every panel u've ever done it gets a bit silly. Younger and less experienced writers are usually guilty for this as they seek a quicker route to fame. But in time they will learn to hold photos back, and will learn the value of quality over quantity. Either way its all good, without the constant participation of photo contributions this forum would not be as popular as it is.. Kepp it Real! Keep it Steel! :huh2: :huh2:
  6. yo guilt ridden, i bin tryin 2 male you kunt and it wont send. anyways in regards to what your asked me the other day..... personally i think its sick but if its what you wanna do go for it. check this site out it might help ya. http://www.gender-surgery.co.uk peace
  7. dont patronise me u fuking idiot. you dont no shit about what your saying. Judging from ure pathetic views you sound about 14 and probably write bucks. regardless i couldnt give to fucks, go do a few more panels til u slowly fade away and find a quicker hobby to make you seem er... 'Hard'... :haha: :haha: 18obstacles, i agree this is bullshit, and ill leave it at this.. "Goodnight children"
  8. u try knock that panel and yet u try ask for more 'Bucks' stuff what kind of a fukin idiot are you? The guy that fukin painted that has done more than paid his dues on the system and doesnt need to be put down by unseen wannabees. Why all the hype about bucks? hes been on the seen for five minutes and seems to be the idol for toys. wake up and smell the paint fumes, the price of fame is high and you could never pay your way.
  9. yardcore

    On my travels

    nice to see some nice west london action, havent been down that canel in a while.. lovely post!
  10. yess no that. that neas is fresh. big upp
  11. yardcore


    MODE2.. 2004 check this link for some recent stuff by mode at a show in dragon bar london, 2004.
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