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  1. look at the young nigga inch up there...thats an atlanta flick?
  2. dkae is king of the southend for a lot of reasons besides graffiti, dont be so small minded, we got that work. and my bad dog, i didnt mean to crush your idols, it was more of an inside thing between the niggaz that are in the know. and oh, if you want to get into history, what you know about tazeke, dkaes brother, painting illegal burners in the mid 80's in the southend. dont try and give me no seattle history lesson, cause trust me i know my histry, and i was here way before you, and i'll be here way after you! you just sound hella salty with your comments and i didnt like it. i know who you are, and i got love for your shit, you probably can figure out who i am, so if you want to get into this further get at me. whatever it doesnt even matter. peace and love and all that gay shit.
  3. dkae is king of the southend, dont get it twisted. THCA niggaz gettin all the money in 05!
  4. that could never be in the nw again, and thats a shame.
  5. semen year and sace i never seen before. tight. anyone else think that unfinished revok be looking funny? i have incredibly bad balance, i fall a lot when i climb...shit just walking i almost fall somtimes. but i still like painting spots that take effort to get at.
  6. i liked the dkae too. he's loco for sure! jams tuk painted with him on one of those flicks, he's a fool too. anybody remeber tuk. all stilled fully loced to this day. how's that ipod loot treating you little duder? can you front me like... just a .5 till payday. you know im good for it. ha ha. the southend be hot, stay away and let me paint it. only spot i see you fools up in the southend is dkaes i-5 spot, thats it. i see you brimestone. fiercearoni, and the highest crew around these parts is up in this internet dumpster


    i learned to respect orfn while living in the bigitay bay. oh and i almost forgot, ya'll should too.
  8. about time someone posted some real graffiti. bombing!!!
  9. that's a nice scram fill.

    MySpace Rant

    youre an idiot. but its still funny.
  11. whatever that shit is over the ini above is stupid. ini and speed locked that spot off of 99 years before any of you new jack youngters got it. learn the rules of the game before you try to play the game. it dont matter though, cause i heard the hardest crew around was taking out the whole spot for good!
  12. skale and revel cant bomb Quoted post [/b] i mean this was a bold statement. my bad. why cant they bomb?
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