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  1. hey thanks bud i feel better now
  2. glue! lewis! ghoul! big mock ! theory bender! good post bud
  3. i really liked that vioce. we snatch yo bitches fast with the quickness!!!
  4. i love it. im going to wrap all my stuff in tinfoil. the better the artist the harder they bite
  5. is this the same guy who does the KMFDM art,,,,,,,,,,, that video is great KMFDM IS THE DRUG AGAINST WAR!!
  6. i bookmarked this post........because its so fantastic. p.s.gettin drunk at 9:04 am!
  7. snafu commin correct. geez!
  8. best of the beast.....hey look its me
  9. this shits hot www.cuminthestreets.com
  10. haha i am the busdriver who wants to smell my shit? fucking good post...lewis and worm.
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