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  1. lol thats hollywood not dtla iono how you say hes a toy for not knowing 2tone...you dont even know la sorry :yuck:
  2. Re: paintmyface.puregraffiti.com that first one has a rip water tag by pysa....water was my friend's brother and was killed last year on his younger brothers bday..pysa knew him cause he used to lve on the same block as them nice to see someone besides us unknown writers putting rip water WATER LIVES ON !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i think the camera man was close to them cans or its the lens
  4. every weekend theres alot of writers who go there....i've been going evry weekend with my friends for like a few weeks now but there are likre city meetings and some people told me that there were gonna try fight it
  5. spaces

    the quietest cap

    it has happend to me and my friend before.
  6. ive used a cup from buger king to conceal a can.it works,but after awhile i got boerd using cups from fast food resturaunts.ive done that pringle thing funny shit when my friend thought there really was chips in there. :shook:
  7. davey dumbshit bicky bam mr.shaddup dr.wasagayman:lol:
  8. reebok classics .......
  9. i live behind that sign fo real.no lie before that colt there was an tkotrlod spot there:D
  10. i live like 7 blocks away from that doughnut shop.they buffed those bilboards and put barbwired and locks where the fences are.
  11. spaces

    4 words

    hmmmm...how about ........damn that rap music...
  12. why people do that bragging how they smoke like such n or drink like whoever.i dont drink but i smoke once in a while.noone can be the same..just my retared opinion.:dazed:
  13. stupid streak got all over my hand when i did my first mixed streak ...it was orange and green....becareful when cutting the tip ...breaks off easily or cut off tip when mixing.....mixin streaks are fun...how do you mix three streaks my homie's bro knows how but wont show me how to cut it...:idea:
  14. a true king indeed....r.i.p.:king:
  15. spaces


    caveman and curly fries....reasons.....my hair:yuck:
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