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  1. ey yo gimme some +feedback tell me what to fix and junk http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400361664_001P.jpg'>
  2. :idea: see, when you actually give feedback and tell the kid whats wrong with his shit.... he improves. but when you dont tell him whats wrong you just say "that sucks quite writin" hes gonna keep writin like shit look how much you made him improve with giving him good tips:) compare his 1st flick to the one he just posted before mine
  3. SenceOne

    Alphabattle E

    :o :o http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400354100_001T.jpg'>
  4. i used wax once..... like wax from a candel. it actualyl worked too if you do it on concrete it sticks in the cracks and stuff and then dries and turns black/brown.... :D
  5. i hear voices in my head :o
  6. i know this has probably been posted 348340543095 times but those threads are dead and now here is a new one :idea: the roots - proceed (beatminerz remix) 1st infantry - serious 1st infantry - backwards 1st infantry - the midnight creep del the funky homosapien - x-files del the funky homosapien - boo boo heads smut peddlers - the red light del the funky homosapien - why ya wanna get funkee freddie foxx - 24 hrs infamous mobb - we dont give a... infamous mobb - mobb niggas swollen members - deep end kool g rap - where you at mobb deep - shook ones mobb deep - narcotic mobb deep - the illest mobb deep - hell on earth mobb deep - i won't fall noyd - bang bang mobb deep - the learning(burn) smut peddlers - one by one smut peddlers - my rhyme aint done smut peddlers - amazing feats smut peddlers - elevated swollen members - fuel injected the high and mighty - the meaning wu tang clan - do you really wu tang clan - uzi i guess its a pretty long list but whatever :rolleyes:
  7. this is pissing me off i need to know whta this song is called.... they play it in Dirty Hands 2 its like the 2nd or third song they play it after pharoe monch - simon says they play it while the trains are going by it goes.... " i shape shift to wats left write my self up... bla bla bla.... fuck you up like pop rocks and coca cola.... bla bla bla... you in the wrong place, you in the wrong time, you wiht the wrong bla bla one by one by one" or at least thats how it think it goes i need to know its pissing me off :mad:
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