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  1. It was rough, I did, somehow, get through it. Praise Jesus, praise him. I dont really mind, i was just making a comment. I'm just happy people are still benching on 12oz instead of instagram.
  2. This may shock you, but only one photo of each piece is good enough.
  3. I'm thinking about making a thread about all my travels and such. In channel zero. With pictures. From the last 10 years.
  4. When you weren't eating pizza, I got more pizza, now i get less pizza.
  5. What about when you could pay to get into the platinum or whatever section.
  6. Also, yes, meetin my wife on here, thats a pretty great moment.
  7. I don't understand why they used coke and mentos when any seasoned pool swimmer knows it is diet coke and mentos. Idiot rich kids.
  8. This, this will make me laugh until the day I die. Iquit. Im kinda shocked I found it.
  9. Kilo7 I think. Man, the extreme hammock thread was awesome, which reminds me of the MS paint what yo think people look like thread, where someone MS painted him hammocking between the two towers, that shit was awesome Drawball, oh man, that was great. Fucking great. Does anyone remember "ruining christianity.com" where everyone went to their forum and just all fucked around? Lots of fun there. Pooping habits thread where, and I dont remember who, but went into this crazy long story about wiping down the seat, using the entire roll to build a nest, then using the empty toilet paper roll holder to cover his dick, then going home for a shower. Tease was always exciting, "can a girl get pregnant if she swallows" PMP telling the story about taking a shower with his wife, then getting out and sticking his ass back in and farting, then hearing her throw up in the shower. One of my favorite memories of 12oz is when people used to get called out for self promo in the graffiti threads, it was ruthless. Now, it is all instantgrams and shit.
  10. Watching Last week tonight with John Oliver.
  11. Watching "home movies" about to clean the basement. Which is the -1 floor of my home.
  12. Now that we got all that shit out of the way, I can let you know that I'm watching Blank Check, from 1994. Keep that in mind when you consider things that need considering.
  13. Just as an update, got a brand new orango. Now I'm watching parks and rec
  14. Yeah, I suppose part of it for me wanting to come back is that there is a lot of history and nostalgia here for me. Meeting people here, old days where you could open up metal heads and see a new thread or 3 a day, the photography thread was fun. Never got to be a mod, but thats fine. Sometimes I want to see if I can start up and do my own content here, but I do so much with my website, I'm not sure I see a point. I'm glad to see that some of my threads have remained so big, like this one. I still use my original name for somethings online, onesecondple, if you remember.
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