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  1. I had an engagement shoot yesterday, developed the film this morning, now I am at work, gonna scan/edit it after work. Also, the wife is out of town, so I got to tuck the sheets in, its the dream.
  2. I left 12oz because the graffiti aspect of it drove me crazy, i had migrated into ch 0 exclusively. Then I just got busy, and the heads who were here were different than previous. The site had major login issues that prevented many users from logging in, things like reddit arrived on the scene, causing further loss.
  3. The only time I shoot digital is when I'm in the yard.
  4. Anyone remember when they used to buff cryo's relentlessly? Those were the days. That deface is sick, though.
  5. Now I'm watching Ken Burns Civil War, I just finished scanning and editing all my film from my recent amtrak trip, so, now onto a blog post about the trip.
  6. You know what I'm doing now? I'm watching parks and rec scanning film, reloading 12oz. I really wish this site was at least active again, I used to like it here a lot. I think I'm the only one here right now, though.
  7. I'm also at work, I actually need to get a vasectomy. I will also be marking cars, likely automobile racks. I'm about to watch Corner Gas, a canadian show no one told me about that is fucking hilarious. I'm not a good worker.
  8. I was able to log in just fine, take that everyone! I like the look of this one, but, I none of the links at the top work (as stated) and there is not "alerts" location, which I liked, nor is there a place that I can easily get to my "converstations" without typing in www.12ozprophet.com/conversations
  9. Typing on my phone and I can't edit. Hogarth_f on ig
  10. I dont pay attention to the bickering, graffiti, or anything like that online. I do my thing, and try to avoid all the drama, so many folks hate me at this point, its best. What really bugged me, is that my dudes would send me screenshots all the time, it was so fucking annoying.
  11. I was on there a lot, a lot of the people I know who go over folks constantly were not, its like everything else, super biased. Everyone leaving comments was all ready to wave the pitchforks, but then had the excuses everytime they "had to go over" someone.
  12. Holy shit, lets see. I dropped out of college, got a good job, got arrested, got fired, got a dog, met an oontzer, got married, traveled the fucking world, traveled the world more, then some more, and then even more, got another few jobs, bought a brand new car, painted thousands of trains, happy as a fucking clam.
  13. Untitled by Hogarth Ferguson Fuji GF670w Fuji Reala
  14. Untitled by Hogarth Ferguson Fuji GF670w Kodak Portra 400 Chicago Union Station
  15. Cacashvalue was a valued and loved 12ozer from many moons ago.
  16. Also PM'ed about beta testing. 12oz got me through college, and by that, I mean the amount of time I spent on here made me fail and I dropped out.
  17. Remember when those two folks had a kid, the first 12oz baby and they got VIP? I married a mod, can I get some VIP action? I mean, I've been around, bugging people since 2003, that has to count for some, VI at the very least.
  18. I'm eating a piece of toast with mustard on it.
  19. If it is, he is keeping it up throughout the posts he has made on the oontz
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