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  1. Any of you guys remember the Scourge search program? I think that's what it was called. It was out probably 2 or 3 years before Napster and it was pretty terrible.
  2. It's sad that I've had these on my computer for 4 years now. http://www.revolutionsend.com/prize.jpg'> http://www.revolutionsend.com/llama2.gif'> http://www.revolutionsend.com/attack.gif'> Watch out now! Bleat!
  3. I told you it's mainly a matter of how I use my computer. I am not an early adoptor of these types of programs because I don't feel the risk is necessary, that is plenty credible. I'm not claiming to state facts or statistics, I just don't feel like entrusting that program just yet, sorry if there was any confusion. Maybe I'll go pick up "Hacking for Dummies" tommorrow at the bookstore and take you up on your challenge of finding vulnerabilities and backdoors in BitTorrent. :P I bet if you put John Carmack to work on BT he could code some sick ass netplay code. He'd just have to incorperate the Quake engine in there somehow. Capture the X-Men 2 ISO. Whoever wins the match gets to download the warez.
  4. Re: mmmmmmmmmm, swordfish There it is again because it doesn't look like you read the paragraph I wrote the first time around. That's great that it's open source. Maybe someone can make a CTF modifaction for it or whatever you can do with open source. I'm still not going to download now or anytime soon. Even if you paid me. It is too bad that my views on the subject make you so irate. I am knowledgable about what I posted in my last message which was my opinions on the subject and my decision not to download the program. Read the paragraph directed at you again and tell me where I laid down any technical information about BitTorrent. Maybe you should not take messages on an internet board so seriously in the future.
  5. mmmmmmmmmm, swordfish I typed a great reply but then 12ozprophet logged me out and I lost my reply in the mix. cantbefaded - Basically I said that before this turns into a fanboy arguement, I'll just tell you that my opinion isn't changing although you have clarified a little bit of misinformation on my part. My whole point about not knowing about problems with it and being paranoid and all that is that I don't know what problems there are and I am paranoid about it. I never really trust any internet software, even the ground roots shit and I like to wait a little while to see what problems there are with software. That's why I didn't get Windows 98, 2000, or ME (yeah I oughta start learning linux already). Maybe in a year or so if Bit Torrent is still around then I'll pick it up, but then again maybe I will not. I'm pretty happy with WinMX right now and I'm not that much of a copyright infringing addict that I need crazy ass upload/download bandwidths. I really had a point for point response but it's lost in the cyberwinds now. Thanks for not being a dick about responding though, I appreciate that. You should check out the Slashdot links on that page you posted cause there is some good discussion over there that is a lot more technical than you'll get from my artsy ass. PrimalFear - Since you seem to take what people say and twist that to support your snotty view on reality, I'm glad that ignorance pains you as you must be doubling up in pain now. Since you care so much: I haven't seen Swordfish, I've never heard of ZoneAlarm Free, I don't read PC WORLD ever, Britney Spears seems to be the music out there right now, and proffesionals use AOL too so what the fuck do I care if they use BitTorrent? I don't care at all. I've probably been using IRC longer than you and even if I haven't the basic point is I know what I see when I see it, and you don't have to tell me I don't know what a script faggot is. I'm sure you had 7th sphere and a copy of winnuke on your computer before once so don't act like you are Mr. Purist Cool. And don't try to tell me that you can't hack a Manhattan traffic light using a payphone and rollerblades either, dick.
  6. fixooB.reg Alright I'll explain my personal view a little bit more for you. From what I read a couple of times on their page, this program is constantly running on my computer. I don't care if they can't shut it down, they won't be able to shut down WinMX or Kazaa either but I'll be able to shut the program off. It doesn't make sense to me that anyone would market a program that you couldn't turn off, but then again I never thought Microsoft would actually give spammers direct access to your computer with their messanger system task. There's just something about 7000 people d/l'ing the latest south park episode from lord knows how many computers at once that seems like one big freeloading leechfest happening on my machine and slowing down my porn sites. Look, I'm not going to call you ignorant. Did you read something credible about security flaws in ICQ, IRC, KAZAA, or even AIM when they first came out? How about AOL, or even the internet? No, you don't read about those things until they happen. I don't know how this program runs, but apparently it accesses your harddrive on request and it doesn't APPEAR to have a team of techies working around the clock to solve problems. What it looks like to me is a couple of college kids who wrote a script to share files. I am not going to be one of those people who learns the hard way about how easy it is for someone to hack into your computer with an IP address, some OS knowledge, and an open port. You're preaching to the choir on the first sentance and to answer your question, only what I've seen in the movies. :scramble: I wouldn't be surprised to hear what the majority of the population thinks about anything because I already know they are idiots, particularly when it comes to computers and the people that know how to use them. As for hackers exploiting a system at any time, that was my point in my original post. I don't need another open door on my computer. If you know, tell me who is making this bit-torrent service. As far as I know it could be a room full of monkeys typing in C++.
  7. Yeah, let me use a system that is always sucking up bandwidth when my computer is turned on, that has no sort of moderation whatsoever, and that people can easily use to hack into my system. Then I'll stick my ass out the window with an open invitation written on it for everyone to come inside. Sure! BitTorrent! Yeah it's alright that their webpage (at least the one that I have seen) is entirely in text, and there is no sembelence of any proffesionalness on it. For all you know it's run by a bunch of hax0rs waiting to rip your shit apart. I'm all set with bittorrent, I'd rather find my mp3s using a ftp server.
  8. swallow the red pill asshole. Kazaa is one of those crap programs that uses up all your resources and cripples your brain with popup ads. It also plants programs on your computer that spy on what webpages you look at and what you download and then sends the results to advertisers so that they can gear their ads towards your demographic. How anyone can use that garbage is beyond me, but I guess people have to get their White Stripes and 50 Cent mp3s somewhere.
  9. hooba juba They're the famous albino african tribeswomen.
  10. mustaches You want to see punk rock? I'll show you punk rock. http://www.revolutionsend.com/graffboston/leonboo.jpg'> THIS IS PUNK ROCK! REDBONE ROCKS.
  11. mustaches http://www.revolutionsend.com/graffboston/leonboo.jpg'> Everyone just shut up and listen to Mr. Redbone.
  12. catching the rabbit When I was younger I used to have a bunkbed. This kid I was once friends with stayed over for a weekend when his mom went away on a business trip, and he was sleeping on the top bunk. He pretended like he was asleep and I started reading a magazine (non-sexual) and about 30 minutes later I started to hear these small groans. Then the bed started to shake a little back and forth. This went on for about 5 minutes or so and then finally subdued. Needless to say I was speechless particularily since my light was on. Maybe the kid was wanking it, maybe he was having a seizure but I made sure I washed those sheets after he left.
  13. http://www.revolutionsend.com/graffboston/leonboo.jpg'> How about "What the fuck is this guy taking??" haha I kid, Leon Redbone is a talented musician. Do you, jigga.
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