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  1. yes noel: "me say mr banker you are some wanker, whoooo got de grand?" Austrailian secret? havin a laugh aint you.. :haha: ps: I seen some new first trains at the station driving past the other day, new local line maybe?
  2. Yo skroez, current plan to come over has gone tits up matey.. :yuck: Should reach sometime soon though. Ps if you ever wanna come over here for a wall or somethin gis a shout.
  3. Well thats just silly. Theres a big difference between jungle and drum n bass. Dont be too keen to blame 'hipsters' whatever the fuck they are (Trendy cunts i expect) And to the guy who asked about Neophyte, he/they (not sure if its more than one person?) did a joint mix Cd on the latest bonkers album. Bonkers 15 - Legends Of the Core http://www.bonkers15.co.uk/ Hardcore.Til.I.Die
  4. What happened to painting on a nice background? makes the pieces stand out much more.. On point as always : Haka + Paris wall, Poer + co, Shimz, Siren + co, true, halo, Stubz. Trouble over b, more to worry about than that at the moment, least its someone i know getme..
  5. Ps trouble over bumpkinland dont tell me you came to bristol just to bench for that runner??
  6. Wow, best post ive read on here in ages. Big up whoever you are. I only get to use the net on other peoples pc's these days and using it this little has made me realise how fucking stupid and full of benders it is. Aint about blowing up/ even hinting about anything at all, it also aint about bumming or posting 'look where ive been' type flicks of yards or whatnot. Keep it to your fucking selves. Bristol is fairly tight knit and those who need to know will know/find out. On the subject of flicks tho i love all the dirty ass street bombing.. keep that coming!
  7. Stolen off some toy forum :hatred:
  8. skirmfirm everything i read of yours makes me think your a chief just that little bit more. Look at our 'ghetto' lives we eat out of the bin. Twat. Go back to your little skatepark that your local beat copper made for you. Fuckin rich little gimp. Do all your mates wear green day hoodies? :clown2: :clown2: :clown2:
  9. skirmfirm youre a :clown2: I love it when people just dont get it and write back tryin to point it out.. fresh flicks An loco, 'The team traditionally draws its support from north and east Bristol and South Gloucestershire.' Tells you somethin that dont it.. I dont even know where those places are.. haha.
  10. If you looked youd find someone posted the article in either this thread or the bristol thread a few days back. 'All the way down south west' Well i fuckin never...
  11. Rolling thru Bristol Temple Meads
  12. Yeah i believe theyre on about rela (rip) Thing is they chafe on about it being a hundred grand of damage done in bristol temple meads. Bollox. One end 2 end aint shit. Few quid for a bit of manpower an graf removal solution.. clowns. i love this bit
  13. Only one paper in bristol really.. evening post Nice big article and flick, ncf/yrp mansdem gettin some nice publicity running through TM. 100 grand damage. yeah alright mate. :clown2: :clown2: :clown2:
  14. Chased by the vigilante.. what an absolute prick that bloke must be. At least you know where he lives, if someone done that to a mate of mine i know where id be heading with my own baseball bat.
  15. Haha, the cluelessness of youth^^ :gaga:
  16. Woah fuck me mate thats some bait ass shit goin on right there. Christ. Make sure youre careful with that many stickers man, thats some serious coverage. damn.
  17. bleeeeegh


    First off thats white that setup has used. If you really want to use a chrome for outline id use belton premiums 'silver dollar' Comes out just like every other colour eg no overspray. But you can rock somethin well nice with shit paint if you got skills like setup. And heres one for free, if youre doing a black fill make sure its filled properly, scratty fills with dark colours an lightoutlines never work too well.
  18. Nice fliks. That sokems well nice. Bristolian originals! Haha man that day was well messy. Hadnt even planned on going out drinking either. Dunno where the head on the rail thing came from, must be some chinese whisper shit going on. Someone did fall asleep on tracks though.
  19. Snob what are you on about? youve tagged straight through peoples shit on the ramps at bedmo more than once. Half of what you said doesnt even make sense anyway, but i think i get what youre saying. Dont worry about some floor tags at bedmo man.
  20. Straight outta Whezcuntree Yes blue
  21. flatliner, was the full colour in question along with 2 other things and looked to have been done in the rain?
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