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  1. When I first started, I racked with a bag. I got caught. Shit happens
  2. Yeah Lust got bagged badly but alot of you kids need to shut the fuck up cuz fact is, the shit he did do himself, shit I've watched him paint, seen him sketch, still burns the shit out of alot of you
  3. My nigga Lustard...iono what to say...damn homie...
  4. Entyr did a nice job but I gotta give it to Ichy for Vow
  5. You got burned by both of them....you don't hafta be from RI to see that and vote accordingly
  6. Koot needs to stop bitchin so much about the Reply battle....jesus christ
  7. Get some friends then.........loser :idea:
  8. Goe....althouygh I also love Lusto, my butt buddy for life <3 >_<
  9. DirtyPop


    Damn, when this dude was talkin to me online a couple of months ago beggin me to help him come up with a name i said Enaps playin around...never thought you would take me serious kid. Anyways, movin past the name, you needa stop talkin so much shit. If you were to get the fuck outta Warwick or wherever you told me you were from and come check out some Providence streets you would see Goah there put in alot of work at one point, with another name. Yeah hes slackin now but who are you to talk? Actin like you paint? Be fuckin serious noones ever heard of you outside the 12oz geek circle....not tryin to start any internet beef with a true gAngStA such as yourself so don't even bother to reply....just think before you speak next time.
  10. DirtyPop


    Thank you, sorry I don't spend my life on 12oz. While you're typin and jerkin off to goat porn I'm out actually puttin in work, smashin streets. Big Ayn2 RFL Crew
  11. DirtyPop


    Ok Koot.....you suck. Thats all I can say. I've never done a piece in my life and I could still probably smash on everything you put out. All you have are outlined tags you "drew". Ok, lets be serious now, everyone here knows you didn't draw that. Even your cat is probably staring at you in a suspicous manner. You also have tags you couldnt paint if your life depended on it. And furthermore, you're probably a virgin. Die
  12. My boys Tone and Rasek both rocked that Wens well
  13. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b4da25b3127ccebbb96ee8768a0000001610'>
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