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  1. Re: Re: GUS AND ALAN! wow why is everyone on 12oz so bitter? i just joined this forum and have started 2 threads and all i get is negative feedback every thread on here that i read people just burn other people on their flix and threads all you fuckers just need to roll a blunt and chill
  2. haha i was watching TURKO FILES on the news here in san diego and GUS and ALAN painted in big ass letters like they always do on this mural in san diego near the 5 freeway. anyone have pix? i heard they were from the bay area and they came to san diego. i was hittin up downtown and they were up everywhere in acid on the windows.
  3. san diego gets slept on. zZzZ WAKE UP! ohh yea WST DEFINATELY HOLDS IT DOWN
  4. those are dope ass flix aslo. AN OCEANSIDE IS DEFINATELY SAN DIEGO!!!
  5. are you serious? do you know what year that video was? i gotta check that out. ill ask my homeboy about it he should know.
  6. yea sdv and mdr battled it out mdr took them out in piecing and bombing from what i know it was a long ass time ago they had some other beef i dont know the entire story though.
  7. http://www.surge-mdr.com/characters/images/character-20.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/characters/images/character-06.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/characters/images/character-05.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/freights/images/freight-02.jpg'> >> www.surge-mdr.com
  8. http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-10.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-16.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-20.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-15.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-13.jpg'> surge-mdr.com
  9. http://www.surge-mdr.com/pieces/images/piece-14.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/pieces/images/piece-16.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/pieces/images/piece-18.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-01.jpg'> http://www.surge-mdr.com/mdr-wgs/images/mdr-wgs-08.jpg'> images from surge-mdr.com
  10. influence

    war pieces..

  11. havok tvc definately wrecks it down in san diego i should be scanning some old school jvc soon. san diego should not be slept on.
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