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  1. fuck jeff ott.that guy is a peice of shit rapist but then went born again. i love crimpshrine but man does that dude suck.i could go on about how he's a peice of shit forever..
  2. the crackheads in my area are pretty chill..they actully seem to lookout for us.this girl was over once and someone broke into her car...not from are neighborhood and one of the crackheads stopped them and brought all the shit they stole up to the front porch and returned it.the same one also got my roommates bike back that got stolen a few weeks ago. we always give them all are recycled stuff too. we're on name to name basis with alot of them.
  3. gore a2m by far...no contest that other shit is pure crap. and gore b has also been around forever.
  4. nortt/xasthur split. thrones blue oyster cult cover.
  5. so i've been working on a zine for a while now.just random pictures...graffiti,friends and other stuff etc etc and some random writing and ranting.i've been trying to think of what to name it for like three months now.i figured maybe someone here would have some good ideas.it can be serious...silly..whatever...if i like it and use it i'll give whoever free copies and whatnot. umm thanks.
  6. i wouldn't mind seeing some more busshopper stuff...somebody post up.
  7. i heard he's still alive and well...plus i thought i saw a new bmxr tag a few days ago...but then again nothing has been proven ethier way.
  8. jase is sick.i met him at a party about a year and a half ago.we talked for like an hour about random shit before it even came up about writing.i never really get excited meeting writers but it was rad meeting him.he did some stuff in one of my notebooks.i'll scan it if i get a chance.
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