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  1. http://pic11.picturetrail.com/VOL372/1900566/3670095/46873977.jpg'> 2.tone (tdu/upc), blitz (tdu), scream (upc), Tribal (tdu), User (at), Realm (at/tdu), Berns (tdu/aw), Done (tdu) 2004, Auckland City
  2. funkier than your grandfathers feet!....
  3. sorry dog, the host is still down.
  4. South Auckland DAK crew ripping that isht... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_DAKcrewfreight1.jpg'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_DAKcrewfreight2.jpg'> TDU+ Berns + User ripping that isht... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_southauckspro.jpg'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_2toneino1.jpg'> 2tone TAC http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_bernsino1.jpg'> Berns AW http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_userino1.jpg'> User AT http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_realmino1.jpg'> Realm AT http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_blitzino1.jpg'> Blitz ES
  5. oh hell yes, where is the sarcasm font!
  6. You know what? Neither have I, only scrap metal and thats not worth posting. P.s. Please take me to the yard yall paint. I dont no many Im from the North.
  7. This is what the New Zealand Train look like... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_NZtrains.jpg'>
  8. For the man who picks up ash with his anus... http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_anusman.jpg'> P.s. bees dont like it when you peice over their nest.
  9. savagely burned but i will post them anyway...Realm Dons 2Tone http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_realmer.jpg'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_toner%7E2.jpg'> http://www.thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_symondsstreetwhole.jpg'>
  10. http://thevapors.com/archive/albums/userpics/normal_realmology.gif'> realm AT TDU
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