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  1. yeah.....fuck fabio, he stole my girl..
  2. just curious...me, pink streak, 2 NY fats , a old bus transfer and a roll of quarters...
  3. No Black Elvis on this thread ? ..god damn... -Livin Astro-
  4. oomNtheRoom


    so i was painting on some plywood with a buddy behind the family buisness....we were going about our buisness when all of a sudden a cop burst around the corner with his gun drawn....we had to put our hands up and do the whole walk backwards routine...they searched us..found our bag, the streaks we had just picked and a pocket full of caps...they handcuffed my buddy nd threw himi n the bacl of the car.. i explained about how it was my familys buisness and it was cool to paint..about 15 minutes later they let us go and even let us keep our streaks, and the whole bg we just picked....whatta a night...kinda shitty...
  5. oomNtheRoom


    Wow, nice shit.....and props for having no pee stains on the rug..
  6. No laces on the shell toes ?
  7. A year or two ago i was taking a day trip through my local yards to look for some eyecandy, about 20 minutes in looking i come a cross a homlely old man sitting against the wall...i thought nothing....i turned the corner, picked up a half empty can to see what was written on it....looked up and there was the bum and he was holding a badge...he asked if i knew who any of these people on the wall were and i told him no...he took my info, asked why i was looking blahh blahh blahh....anyone ever run into anything like this ?
  8. where did you catch that lamer flick from ?
  9. Another http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/2251538.jpg'>
  10. i have been messing around with my sketch book stuff for years...just started painting religously (trying to get some can skills) about 2-3 months ago..
  11. http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/2249534.jpg'> http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/2249562.jpg'>
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