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  1. phels


    watching it. its stupid but addictive. god i watched all desperate housewives n all. i aint seen charlie cookin up brown yet just eatin speed?
  2. phels

    On my travels

    load of stuff off my phone
  3. did anyone see that shit in the daily star after the bombs 2 weeks ago "WE'LL NEVER LET THE BASTRDS WIN" centre page pull out. quality ah well, im pissed bollox to bin laden sucide bombers got bullied in school
  4. my grandad had to walk from golders green to kentish town he was pissed off
  5. worst fight i was on my own an got fucked up by a car full of asians, they had me on the floor an kept at my head with a baseball bat. got loads of stitches in my head and small scars on my face they glued up. some bikers once caught me doin a throw up on the back of their club and dragged me inside. they smashed up my nose and crushed up all the cartilidge so i had to get a new nose hole burnt out with a laser.
  6. trying to wank over her on mtv but the men in the group keep getting in the shot
  7. bomber mag no.23 smarter than the average bear
  8. phels


    I used to run a website - phels.co.uk, i cant update it anymore but its still up. Now chek this site http://www.rebelliouskids.com/ the design is just a bit similar, now chek the fliks on his site, the first one is him (hes even more wigger in real life) if you got time send him some emails please, his name is ricky brownshoes an hes gettin slapped tell him were gonna creep his house an take his dads car
  9. phels

    uk wall flixs

    bangin oker but that monke kills it you got anymore of his stuff?
  10. shoes to forensics is probly waffle. keep your mouth shut an when your next interviewd you will be put back in cells and after a couple hours a nice man will come an tell you theres a lack of evidence
  11. phels

    UK General Election

    im just gonna spoil my ballot paper that'l show em
  12. dunno if its bin posted before but it made me laugh anyway
  13. have sex in strange places then write about it on the wall
  14. phels


    why do 99% of writers in uk wear air force 1's eh
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