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  1. Site Sup, anyways i added alot of new shit to my site and just moved it. Check it out , www.digitalwaste.tk or www.dammnet.com/digiwaste/ If you want porn or any other warez and crap. I got it all on the site so just ask me for a access pass. :)
  2. trainz http://nationhosts.com/korn/h0st/wowtrain.JPG'> WOW http://nationhosts.com/korn/h0st/verbpanictrain.JPG'> VERBS http://nationhosts.com/korn/h0st/jewvrgntrain.JPG'> VRGN and JEWS Gettin more flicks up, my site is being moved to another box so i will post newer ones tonight.
  3. HAHA, wannabie Chamillionaire , Shining Starts - Boss Hogg Outlawz - Track 1 :lol: :lol:
  4. HAHA it seems everyone likes to just talk shit, TOBI your shit is just fuckin nasty :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: Thats why no one takes flicks of toys like yourself:D :D :D
  5. i cant post the area on the forum, haters either fuck it up or U NEVER know whos watching:freak2: :freak2: :freak2:
  6. i aint hit no bodys WALLS :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
  7. Re: Re: More Flixs I didnt STEAL your flixs i took my OWN flixs, so dont be sayin i took your shit. All the ones ive gotten ive taken on my own so dont bull shit me.
  8. New flixs http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/citydamage/legalwall.jpg'> RTL Piecing http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/citydamage/legalwall2.jpg'> http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/citydamage/youthadvocates.jpg'> Youth Advovates
  9. What cha mean What you mean go paint it? What do you mean? U got AIM?
  10. more http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowhccpiecefucked.jpg'> TOYS JUST LOVE HATING ON WOW! http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowabos.jpg'> ABOS - WASHINGTON AREA! http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/citydamage/housebomb.jpg'> JAWZ VAGUE AND DKOP http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/vague/vaguebomb2.jpg'> VAGUE
  11. more flixs http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/odi/odihousebomb.jpg'> ODI http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/verb/verbbuilding.jpg'> Verbs http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/misc/gumzbomb.jpg'> GUMZ http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowhccpiecefucked2.jpg'> WOW - TOBI GOIN OVER IT ISNT THIS SOME TOY SHIT? LOL
  12. More Flixs http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/nvone/nvbomb.jpg'> NV Bombing http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/yanoe/yanortl.jpg'> RTL http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/yanoe/yanobuilding.jpg'> YANOE http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/citydamage/washingtonbombs.jpg'> JAWZ, VAGUE,ODI, ?? http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/noun/nounhccpiece.jpg'> NOUN :king: If you guys want to see more, www.houstonflix.tk or www.lost-host.com/htownflix/ . Website is being made, if you want some of your shit posted up or need space for images holla at me and i will post em.
  13. WOWZER IN CHARGE http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowzerhuge.jpg'> BIG , BAD, WOW! http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowhugelong.jpg'> WOW! http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowheartpiece.jpg'> WOW http://www.lost-host.com/htownflix/wowzer/wowstreetbomb.jpg'> WOW Bombing :king:
  14. i will host any images I'll host any images up, it dont matter what you got or how big. Just email them to me or give me your email and i will hit you up. www.houstonflix.tk check it out not a website yet just takin the flixs peace.
  15. again, this is about the upload feature on thevapors site.
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