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  1. SJ & Eno are brothers. BS2 & Peek are brothers.
  2. Before technology surpassed the preventitive measures I placed on my site to copy pics I assured people that contributed pictures they would remain on the website only and not end up on others. I failed in doing this. I try my best to influence people to check the website out if they want to see those pictures but totally understand once its on the internet its public, Regarding an update. I don't have the time I use to put in a good effort at updating the site and not doing it halfway. There are so many corrections I have saved up and updates I would like to do as well. Maybe someday. For now I will continue to pay the $150 a year to maintain the site as is.
  3. span w caem pic - mine liquid w cose w xr pic - liquid's krime photo - liquid's extra w tizot photo - mine found at nightcrawla....
  4. PrettyBoy HCS Newspaper Article 1976 http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=886&dat=19761210&id=9hoLAAAAIBAJ&sjid=H1ADAAAAIBAJ&pg=5743,4947272
  5. Sketch OTB...my favorite to see next to Kevin and Truck. Think this pic is Digs. I have seen other hits he did that are way better then the below.
  6. The real EAK as requested... Rasad (RSD) creepin on the bottom of this paper.
  7. did u see 7ft tall cat wicked
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