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  1. ive thought about writing an incredibly corny stupid patriotic mega christian 9/11 movie before. i wanted Bruce Willis to play the couragious family man/ fire fighter who eventually dies waving the american flag. I also wanted tim curry to play Osama.....................
  2. fuck u yuck, you are the kind of writer that ruins graffiti.. no knowledge of history and disrespect for the artistic side, how the fuck you managed to teach your tobacco chewin cracker self to use a sophisticated machine such as the computer is beyond me. . sober the fuck up and drag your stupid ass back to the drawing board to come up with a better style than those stupid fucking Yesr throwups at chill day spots. learn to bomb u mark ass toy.
  3. Yuck has dissed too many people to count. he better steer clear from Loner1 and change his bitten name.
  4. i heard those two are the same fags who wrote Cane and Decay
  5. im surprised this thread hasnt turned int the Bills Wheels wall super thread
  6. Who went to the "Walls to Riches" show. shit was hot. kolage, moby,clowns,retro. damn..........
  7. it appears that my old pics have died ................no matter, here they are with some new ones '> '> '> '> '> '> enjoy
  8. here here! the pink one looks like a VIC bite
  9. '> '> i will post more, these were stolen but i took pics yesterday and willupload them................sometime
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