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  1. i disliked american graff until now... i thought it was all wildstyles on rustboxes, but this guy is FRESH.... anyone know any sites with graff like this???
  2. moved recently from london, and seen a fair bit of rfw.... that sofle lad does some fresh shizzle.... oi teem, you got an email address?
  3. colonel


    respect to anyone hittin japanese steel, fuckin harsh law system there... a mate of mine spent a while in prison there 14 hours a day slave labor in the prison factories, brutal beatings by screws, and a random death penalty!
  4. C LINE!!! nice beast..... heroin again, buryin a friend!!!!
  5. well, with this type of artistic flare, he could only be from bris vegas.... DIE crew.... plus, look in that first piece, len one and lazy grey.... stone broke styles.
  6. please tell me none of this was paid for.... i hope all those montanas are all stolen or that is fuckin toy.......
  7. ^^^that is fucking sickening. and who said unlike rappers, graffiti can't go pop?
  8. ^^ these boys obviously aint from london... thats some true cockney shit to put up.....
  9. pleeeeeeeez..... there is no one in the whole of australia with half the style of this dude. how could you compare 'okur' to this dude?
  10. can i just say, its cool you paint freights, i have no problem with it.... after all, its your loss. but america has the worlds shittest graff, straight up. if you can't see that, you got some learning to do... i'm sure you stubborn fucks just support it cos you've got to much pride for your scum fuckin country. go bin laden!!!
  11. freight trains are WACK! can you not see how shitty and old school your graff is?
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